1. K

    FS: Japanese Translations

    Hello, just putting the word out that I do Japanese to English translations of auction sheets, inspection, insurance or service and maintenance records with any legible handwriting translated and formatted in English for about 5 euro per page. PM me or e-mail jpservicetranslation@outlook.jp if...
  2. FreakensNL

    Rear shock vibration demper?

    Couldn't find any info on this part... anyone know what is does and if needed?? i think it eliminates the vibrations in the "not demped mass"/"unsprung mass" ?? (don't know the english translation) i got Ohlins so recon they could be removed?!
  3. O

    trouble with my roof!

    Hi there, I have a Nissan varietta with a non working roof! I'm really struggling to find a wiring diagram for this in English.. Can anyone help me...thanks in advance :)
  4. 8

    Yellow 15 in spa (Belgium)

    Just looked out my hotel window to see a line of English cars and a 15 and DC5 in the mix...... Anyone on here?
  5. Re-VolveR

    please help to translate japan to english from japan video

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKB0bFwlCIU&feature=related 6:45 - 7:12 what is this modification?why?
  6. 7

    HKS EVC V English Manual

    My manual is in Jap :furious: I've searched the net to come up with nothing, by chance has someone got a english .pdf? This would be helpfull :nod:
  7. K

    Do you intererst to the JDM cars?

    Do you interest to the JDM cars? If you so, you should confirm following page. http://nissancars.kamikaze-drive.com/ We are the used JDM cars exporter in Japan. If you interested in, contact us in English. Thank you. ===================================== Managing Director Mr.Tetsuya...
  8. meddler

    Text Speak

    This is an international forum. There are members here from non english speaking backgrounds that find it more difficult to read proper english than their primary language. Once people start using text speak, it becomes increasingly difficult for not just the non english speaking people to...
  9. I

    Power FC D-jetro english manual

    Dose anyone know where i can find the or if there is a power FC manuel in english?
  10. Burnout

    Burnout - s15 - v8/ls1- silvette

    Greetings to all. I from Moscow, the owner s15. The car was bought from the Japanese auction one year ago.. First day in Moscow Now it looks approximately so. With friends In the future I am going to SWAP Sr20det p.s. I am sorry for my English :o
  11. G

    S14 V 200sx differences

    Hey lads, jus trying to do some research on the 200sx. can anyone tell me what the main differences are between the english 200sx and the jap S14? in Ireland u can get an english import 200sx for about half the price of a same year jap S14. theres a 2001 200sx for sale that im lookin at the...
  12. A

    Turbo Timer Problem!

    Hi. My friend has a Ultra Autotimer 4753 and he wants the manual to the turbo timer. We can only find this text; With a microcomputer loading, it can acquire gasoline or diesel turbo operation at real time. But he dont know how he should do. So if someone has one or the manual the the turbo...
  13. Yakozan

    Film: Audi R8 review by child :)

    something different to the regular reviews :) It's in Swedish but with english text. http://www.sportbilen.se/index.php?page=blandat.php?id=1498
  14. Topper

    Yahoo Auctions

    http://www.rinkya.com/ Go to Automotive on the left hand side, the in the search type box enter what you ar looking for. Under the Japanese text you will get Green ENGLISH text!!!!! What you think of this guys?? :cool: