1. W

    Retrofit EP3 Type R seats

    I was wondering if anyone has fitted seats from a pre-facelift Civic EP3 Type R into their S15? If so what is involved as I know the EP3 seats sit quite high compared to the standard S15 seats. I have a pair of Civic seats lying around that I quite like and thought they would be a nice little...
  2. pegliobaglio

    My k20 ek build

    Thought I better start a build thread for this as I like to document my car builds So I was in the market for a new daily, was looking at bmw diesels ( too sensible [emoji12]) when my mate decided to break his mint ep3 sooooo long story short last week I decided I needed an ek I had a look on...
  3. Mike

    Open Event: Jae 2013

    We going to this? I don't know how many we need or anything but lets do a list, everyone likes lists. 1. Mike (ep3) 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  4. Mike

    Mike's JRSC EP3 Sleeper.

    Evening all, the few of you that are on my fb will know this already but I have a new motor to replace the Pathfinder... Which replaced the 15(temporarily!) I've bought a Premier Edition EP3 (boo hiss) I'll let the spec speak for it's self but its a credit to the last owner and wants for...