1. Feast Japan

    JP EVENT: Spring Drift Matsuri At Ebisu

    Another Ebisu Circuit Matsuri event has recently wrapped up and a time of thrashing it was. Total cars on hand was close to 500 as told by track owner Kumakubo. Possibly setting a new record for the annual spring event. Friday, a day earlier before the normal weekend event, a G1 GP...
  2. C

    Open Event: The fast Show - 21st March

    Just wondered if anyone was going to this at the weekend, its at Santa Pod: http://www.thefastshow.com/
  3. adz87kc

    Open Event: JAE this year?

    Hey guys, anyone planning on going to JAE this year? Myself and a couple of mates in their cars are planning on going :thumbs: Will be my first time going -and my first car event I've been to- so I'm really looking forward to it. Also if anyone can recommend a decent hotel or whatever near by...
  4. L

    Newbie with a 200 :wave: :)

    Hi all.. thought I'd best introduce myself! I'm Lou, can mostly be found over on SXOC..currently driving a Nissan Silvia s14 :) and before that had a Mk2 MR2 Turbo :) Popped on here to invite you all to an event I'm organising, so thought I should say hi in here as well :) Heres the 14: I...
  5. Miss S15

    Open Event: Cruisearound Drift/Diffin Day in aid of I.A.A Sunday 7th of March 2010

    Cruisearound are please to announce that we have organised this charity day for Irish Autism Action This event will take place in Goldstone Drift Track,Castlecomer,CoKillkenny all the details can be seen in the above poster. If anyone wants to enter their car into the show and shine...
  6. T

    Open Event: TeamScorpio.Net Presents "The OSCARS" Car Modified Awards

    The New Year is here and I think its time to get this ball moving. We are looking for people to enter into this competition, if you are interested please read on. TeamScorpio.net Presents "The OSCARS" Car Modified Awards at the Ace Cafe London on the 3rd April 2010. There will be top Prizes to...
  7. LuPix_S15

    Open Event: Modified Live @ Oulton Park - 24 April 2010

    Hi folks, Zero260 (Gav) is sorting out a club stand again for the Modified Live show which will be held at Oulton Park, Cheshire on Sat 24 April 2010. They get quite a few from SXOC joining their stand and would like to extend a warm invite to us S15OC guys and gals :) Here's what Gav has...
  8. xlr8

    Open Event: car show

    Is there anyone from england who could tell me if there is a JAE carshow on around august sometime.lotta lads around my way planning on driving over to it.its meant to be all jap cars.weekend event or something
  9. J

    Open Event: BDC & Prodrift RD1 11/12Th April

    Hi Guys we will be at both competitions BDC & Prodrift at Donny on the 11/12th April and will be incorporated at the ISTS http://www.istsuk.com/ It will be the first outing for the S15's this year and we will be in both comps over the 2 days, the top 8 from BDC (British Drift Championship)...
  10. E

    TBDev/MissBanzai Southeast Essex Jap Meet

    Well guys and gals its that time again, from the absolute monumental success of the last two meets (400-600 cars) i think its time to bring you all together again. As usual this is a jap only event so please keep the euro cars to a minimum so Roll Up Roll Up come and see some of the very best...
  11. E

    Southeast/essex jap meet saturday 31st january

    Hey guys i was asked to post this on here from someone on sxoc Right as some of you ma know I organise a regular monthly meet for all you fellow jap enthusiasts in essex and the surrounding areas, well its a new year so lets start things off with a bang and make it a big one and show all the...
  12. LuPix_S15

    Open Event: Rotorstock 5

    Hola :wave: Since Kimi and I seem to be the first people interested in going to Rotorstock this year, why not announce this and see if we can get an S15OC stand together? Before I carry on, like I said before in the JAE thread, I will only continue if the admins are happy for me to do so - I...
  13. LuPix_S15

    Autosport International

    Hey folks :wave: Just seeing if anyone else is going to ASI @ Birmingham NEC this Sat 12th Jan (public day)? I'll be going with a mate and taking this event as another opportunity to brush up on my photography skills lol. Got the Paddock Pass which means I can go to the Live Action Show at...
  14. LuPix_S15

    Trax 2007

    Hello :wave: Anyone going to TRAX this Sunday (2nd September)? I'll be there showing off the car with the Streetrace people. Shame we can't get an S15OC stand together this year as it looks like we are running out of shows?! If anyone's interested, it should be a pretty cool event. All takes...
  15. Yakozan

    Gatebil track event, Sweden, anyone wanna go?

    Link to the website. http://www.gatebil.no/index.php?language=gb date and location: Gatebil Festival, Mantorp (Sweden) - 29th-1st of July (Friday-Sunday) So. Does anyone wanna come over. :) If it was closer to my home I could have offered a place to sleep. But It's to far away so I will...
  16. Yakozan

    Pics: Drift battle qualifying in Norway

    I was supposed to be there to watch this event, but my car wasn't ready so I had to back down. Seems like I really missed something, here are pics from the event. Swedish Blitz sponsored widebody S15 (the car i got my aero front from) For the rest of the pics go here...
  17. Feast Japan

    Media: Recent Tokyo Auto Salon

    Well I didnt see any pics from the TAS this year, so here are a bunch from my selection. Did anyone else on this board venture out to Japan for the event?
  18. Yakozan

    Video: Samuel H?binette drifts Dragonnoirs D1GP S15

    http://www.sportbilen.se/index.php?page=blandat.php?id=533 From an event in V?ster?s Sweden.
  19. Yakozan

    Airfield event (cone-course) @ Lunda Airstrip

    I attended a cone-course event here in Sweden last year and I've got some nice pics today :) It was meant to be a cone-course but because of the rain everyone with RWD started to drift :cool: Best time for the day was set by a Mitsubishi spacestar, that says it all pretty much :) Here are...
  20. S

    Richard Burns: 1971-2005

    Former world champion Richard Burns, the only Englishman to have lifted rallying's top crown, has died as a result of the brain tumour that forced him out of the sport at the end of 2003. The 2001 title winner won 10 rallies in a 13-year World Rally Championship career that included stints with...