1. Driftall

    Insurance showing as Nissan Silvia ZX

    So I've just got the numberplate for my Silvia that I'm picking up next week so have started getting quotes. It seems on some sites the car is coming up as a Nissan Silvia ZX, even though all the DVLA stuff shows it as just a Nissan Silvia. Anyone got any experience with this? Is it just a...
  2. japgarage

    Coilovers latest and greatest

    I'm in the market for real quality coilovers, mainly for street use so comfort is important. What are people running and recommending from experience ? Im currently driving on CS2's and they are far to hard for the driving on Irish roads. Thanks in advance!
  3. ChrisKnottIns

    Car lover's experience of claiming with Chris Knott

    Hi, you'll be aware we regularly post examples of the feedback we receive and these are geared more around members' experience of our prices. But here's an unsolicited tale of the experience of one car club member who needed our help when his car was stolen... "Well as promised here is my...
  4. C

    1.5 Way LSD Recommendations

    Hi All, I am currently looking to purchase a 1.5 way diff. I was considering the Nismo GT LSD PRO - 38420-RSS15-D5 or the Kaaz Anyone any experience with these or similar that could make some recommendations. Cheers :wave:
  5. C

    Any owners near Coventry? Looking to view S15 and experience before buying.

    Hello all, After some hard work - I'm now in a position to buy a s15 spec R! But I've only seen photos of them and never seen/sat in one in reality. I was wondering if anybody in or near Coventry could help me decide if this is the car for me? It will be really helpful if I get to see and...
  6. Z

    nismo short shifter

    do anybody use this short shifter? http://www.nengun.com/nismo/short-shift How are your experience?
  7. S15_SAM

    To go for new job or stick with current one??

    So the scenario is, I've been at my current job for 10 years. I'm a vehicle technician and when I first joined the garage it was a TVR dealer and Subaru import specialist. It was great work with amazing cars. 10years later and a lot of cutbacks, we are a ford service agent and only dabble in...
  8. V

    FR Sport

    Has anyone ordered anything from www.frsport.com They seem to have a load of S15 parts available and what seem to be reasonable prices. In particular bumper strengthening bars, headlights and some Apexi exhaust parts! I asked them about import duty and they said they would devalue the parcels...
  9. dave_t

    DB POWER 290MM Rear Brake Conversion

    Anyone have experience with this? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nissan-290mm-Brembo-Grooved-Rear-Big-Brake-Kit-S14-S14a-200sx-200-sx-/200523292182?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item2eb01e9e16#ht_1935wt_1037
  10. M

    Importing vertex bodykits.. has anyone had any experience with them?

    hey guys im looking at importing a kit from vertex to australia.. has anyone had any experience with them??
  11. B

    Advice on an exhaust?

    So i've got an S15 1999 Spec S Automatic and I wanted to change the exhaust as it has the original double pipe factory exhaust. I'd like something that makes it sound a bit louder, deeper, generally just awesome. However, I have no experience what so ever with exhuasts and I don't even know if...
  12. pegliobaglio

    1 piece driveshafts??

    Alright guys, Knackered one of my shafts the other day and when I was looking around found somewhere that makes 1 piece aluminium and steel driveshafts,just wondered if anyone had any experience with 1 piece shafts? The way I see it is they should improve spin up with the only downside being...
  13. S15_SAM

    Wiring info for central locking

    I'm going to install a sigma cat 1 on Saturday, and was hopin someone could let me know where the locking module was and which wires are which, either via wiring diagram or by personal experience! Thanks Sam
  14. M

    Big Brake Kit - K-Sport

    Hey guys. I'm looking for some feedback for the K-Sport brakes, if you have experience with them I would really appreciate some insight to their performance and reliability. I know a lot you UK guys use them both in race and drift cars, read mostly good things about them. If these guys are...
  15. naha_music

    Blow through MAF setup?

    Do any of you have any experience or knowledge with the 'blow through MAF' setup?
  16. M

    workmeister s1 refurb

    Anyone know if its possible to get workmeister s1 rims refurbed in ireland??they are the polished finish 3 piece version and i woulnt trust giving them to just anybody so if anyone has had any experience with these help would be appreciated
  17. K

    VTC or Non VTC

    Hey guys, this has been a debatable question to most but what are the pros and cons of having VTC? Has anyone had any experience? Im just thinking about removing it because of the dreaded VTC rattle.
  18. zero260

    Carbon Bonnet

    Can anyone recommend a good place to get a Nismo style carbon bonnet for my S15? Something that will give a good fit without costing an absolute fortune. In my experience you pay a fortune for a carbon product and the fit is naff! Hope someone has some experience of a decent product...
  19. A

    Carbon Fibre Bonnet

    Hello all, i just wanted to ask those from Australia what most of you think about a carbon fibre bonnet. I know they can be engineered to avoid any defects but for the cost of doing it im wondering how much attention do these things really acquire for those that actually have them.... I mean my...
  20. C1TPT

    Exedy Hyper single plate clutch and flywheel

    Hi guys, I have just fitted one of these kits and all I can say is..... AWESOME!! lol its a great bit of kit and keeps a good light feel on the clutch but is still quite harsh in 1st. When going fast the clutch is fine but when manouvering, like park for instance, the car tends to vibrate...