1. mixvariety

    FS: S15 Spec R Aero - Pearl White, TE37's, GTX2876R, 351bhp+!

    Due to the boring adult reason of looking into buying a house, I’m reluctantly putting my S15 up for sale to help towards it. I’m not in a rush to have rid of this, so it’ll only go for the right price. This has been my dream car (on my dream wheels) since the early Gran Turismo days, and I hope...
  2. R

    Engine bay rust repair?

    Hey guys, went to see an s15 at the weekend with a friend of mine. He has a small budget so we’re looking at the bottom of the barrel, anyway the car we went to see had a few small rust blisters in the engine bay where the factory air box would be and on the seem around the strut/turret, he...
  3. Saxon

    Removing Factory Boost Controller

    Going to be putting an aftermarket boost controller in soon. Is it fine to just remove the factory setup or will the ECU get upset? Only ask because it has a connector plugged into it. Cheers!
  4. C

    WTB: Wanted - S15 spec-R

    Edit: Found one in Japan now.
  5. B


    hello all I'm sean from Glasgow just got my first s15 few weeks ago so be prepared to be bombarded with stupid questions infact while your here can someone tell me could I just remove my factory boost gauge sensor and plug my defi one into it instead of plumbing it in elsewhere? thanks in...
  6. J

    FS: S15 Autech NA 200bhp

    Hi, So i bought this from bolf about a month ago to use as a daily while im building my skyline but ive come to realise i need something bigger and idealy a diesel... Its a s15 Autech so it has 11.8 compression, 272 cams, sports manifold (heat wrapped) etc.. from factory. The cams kick...
  7. Lil SpecR

    Lil EJ's Lil Spec R Aero - "Yuki"

    Hello! So, a quick intro - I'm Esta (EJ) and I live in Stoke on Trent. I am now the proud owner of this lovely S15 Spec R Aero! (I've named her Yuki) Ive always loved 90s Jap cars and a few years ago I purchased a Mitsi FTO GPX for my daily driver. Unfortunately my commute went from 80 to 180...
  8. - 0h -

    Fitting s15 end caps

    hey guys just trying to figure out how do you guys put the factory end caps onto the factory bumper? Thanks
  9. L

    Part stores in japan

    Hi guys, I'm going to the Japanese f1 next month so I've got a bit of a shopping list of parts to get whilst I'm there. Everything I want is on RHD japan but they don't ship locally [emoji17] I'm after: Nismo engine/gearbox mounts Nismo radiator/oil filler cap Tomei spark plug cover Anyone...
  10. S

    FS: S15 Spec R L package....

    For sale is my freshly imported 2000 Spec R L package 136000kms (85000miles) Factory Manual 6 speed The L package Spec is: Leather front seats. Chrome rings around heater vents and speedo cluster, Chrome door handles and chrome washer jets. Factory Xenon head lights!!! The headlight backs...
  11. gaz15

    WTB: Yashio Factory Spinner knob

    As above anyone got a new Yashio Factory Spinner knob (handbrake button)?
  12. W

    FS: 2001 pewter S15

    Imported in november 2013 as a grade 4 B. Its covered just over 93 thousand kilometers and the speedo was converted to miles at 92600 (2 months ago) This was the for sale thread by the previous owner http://forum.s15oc.com/threads/13591-silvia-s15-spec-s-aero Was originally a spec s as you can...
  13. NICKO

    WTB: factory s15 aircon fan

    Hi guys I'm looking for a factory s15 aircon fan if anyone has one? Needs to be s15 as I think the plug is different on the s14 ones cheers
  14. Tom VWJ

    Red/ Orangey S15 in Northampton (maybe Vertex Kit) by Carlsberg

    Tuesday 16/07/2014 - Spotting driving past Carlsberg factory at about 11:30pm-ish
  15. TrevorSpencer

    Factory alarm?

    Hey I was wondering if the s15 spec r came with an alarm from the factory?
  16. S15Cro

    S15Cro's Daily Driven S15 (Picture Heavy)

    So for those of you who don't know me I have always been a fan of JDM cars. The S15 was a "love at first sight" thing but I knew I could never afford/insure one so I bought my 1st car, a 02' Toyota Corolla and ditched it after 9 months for a 00' Toyota Levin and absolutely loved it. Had that for...
  17. N

    WTB: Pewter grey boot

    As title. Preferably with original factory paint and in great condition with the holes for the aero spoiler :)
  18. spoonman

    Intake Manifolds, Discussion about pros & cons factory V aftermarket

    I would like to get anyone thoughts opinions about intake manifolds, as where does the factory one restrict? and how does it restrict? do greedy ones help? are Chinese replicas any good, what about mazworx and other really expensive ones ones? Please relate your experience and findings.
  19. S

    WTB: WTB: Pearl white Spec R boot spoiler

    As above, bought car already de-spoilered would like to fit factory rear spoiler back on
  20. L

    WTB: Yashio Factory Gear Knob & Handbrake Button

    Hi Just purchased a Yashio Factory gear gaitor but wanting the gearknob and handbrake button to match Many Thanks Liam