1. P

    WTB: Spec r skirts and rear spats

    Hi all New too the s15OC Just awaiting for my spec s to arrive from Japan and gathering bits ready so am after super r side skirts and rear spats, possibly a front bumper too if a fair price, would prefer them in wv2 sparkling silver , Many thanks Ben
  2. C


    I'm interested in importing an S15 Spec-R hopefully next year. Does anyone know of any good importers within in a reasonable distance of Cambridgeshire? Torque GT I know have a great reputation but they're too far from me really, so if anyone knows of somewhere a fair bit nearer to me I'd really...
  3. N

    WTB: Pearl white front & rear bumper & side skirts can swap with silver

    Also a steering wheel. Pm me fair prices I'm trying to fix two 15s now :(
  4. crazymat666

    whats everyones views on horsham developments?

    hi so im at the stage where im thinking a live map would be nice for the silvia :D. spoke to one person whos had there s15 done there and they seem happy but its nice to get a fair few reviews so if anyone has any info id be greatfull. thanks :)
  5. Mike

    FS: Evo8 Recaro's

    I bought these the other week and planned to fit them but decided to fit the Bride i have instead, very good condition, the blue can look grubby in the pictures but there not. Based in Yeovil, Somerset and ideally would want them collected as posting would cost a fair few queen heads. Shall we...
  6. Adam L

    FS: S15 ORC Single Plate Clutch kit

    I was going to fit this but decided not to In the end as I didn't have the time. I've tried to be as comprehensive as possible with pictures. the clutch Is In.pretty good nick to be fair so the ssking price will be £300 plus postage.
  7. M

    useful garages

    hi there im about to buy a s15 of torque gt and with me being a crap mechanic id would like to know is there any good garages around the west london area that knows a fair bit about the s15?? thanks mark
  8. mint

    My Japan Video..

    This will get about as off topic as you can possibly make something offtopic.. I hope you enjoy.. No big budget, no high end cameras, no scripts.. no hollywood acters.. infact, no real content. Nothing exciting happens.. nothing really worth watching to be fair. However.. it was made on a Phone...
  9. Y

    WTB: CoilPack wanted

    One Standard coil pack wanted s15 spec R any have one going at a fair price r know where i can get one would be great. Thanks:thumbs:
  10. G

    Opinions Please!

    Hey Lads, sold my mx5 at last woohoo let the games begin! ive 2 s15s in mind at the moment, one stock pearl 2001 model en route from japan at the moment but i came across this one aswell http://www.usedcars.ie/usedcars/index.cfm?fuseaction=car&carID=682445 what do ye make of it? id be a bit...
  11. M

    Cheap Silvia S15...

    Hey Guys, Just stumbled accross this place which has what seems to be pretty damn cheap Silvia's and everything else to be fair. What's the crack? How come so cheap?:eek: http://www.autoadvan.co.uk/car-details-4039760.html Cheers Monkey
  12. Nicely

    Discount Spark Plugs (UK)

    The SXOC has benefitted from some very good discounts on spark plugs from SparkPlugs.co.uk for a number of years now, and I feel its only fair to share it :D There is a specific page on their web site you need to access. 200SX Specials