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7 February 2006
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Melbourne, Australia
Not sure about the "never been abused" part.

But definitely a decent amount of mods.

Never seen that ARC induction before. How does that work?
Oh! I think it's an NA.

No signs of stock JDM pillar boost gauge.
And ARC only makes that intake for NAs.
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Paddy mack

I like it, I won't be too worried about the milage its not huge, as long as it has had service's done at the right point along the way it should be sound.
but the wheels are not bbs:no: there bend easy ASA wheels and i don't think you can get the version of wheel anymore so if you break one its 4 wheels to replace,
is in nct tested? the arc induction chamber nice.
seems very cheap be careful very cheap!!
it looks too good to be true and sound too good to be true then it is too good to be true!!

look at these the first one is where i got my car and these guys are ok to deal with,they nct the car for you free or charge and there was a wee problem with the oil pressure gauge reading wrong after i got my car, the came and took the car away and sorted it for me the next day.
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