1. Jay-pan

    Wiring in electric fans

    Hi guys, can someone direct me to a good ignition source or how they have wired there electric fans into there car? Seen can do it via the air con old fan unit which i looked into and seen the guide which i was going to do but if anyone has any further pictures and how it exactly works would be...
  2. Nickichi

    E Fan Rotation

    Hi Found out yesterday on the hottest day so far that when I installed the electrical fans before Christmas, I hadn't checked them properly (just stuck my hand behind the fan to feel air flow) to make sure they were both sucking air into the engine bay. One fan is pushing air from the engine...
  3. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    radiator fan thermal switch?

    Hey guys im wondering how do you change the temp for when the radiator fans come on
  4. spoonman

    Twin electric cooling fan from a AU falcon setup

    Here is a few pics of the twin electric fan setup i installed a few weeks ago. Personally i hate the idea of the water pump turning a fan to keep air flowing i know it works but it looks ugly as hell and adds resistance to the engine, i know its very little but i just don't like it, its a old...
  5. C

    FS: Apex twin electric fans, fan shroud, Revotec fan controller and silicone rad hoses

    I'm selling my Apex twin fan setup. It's been on the car since last summer and has probably only done 1000 miles if that. Condition is very good. I had to trim a corner off the fan shroud for it to clear my I/C pipe work. I will include basic instructions too for DIY install. These fans are more...
  6. TriniGT

    Thermo fans or clutch fan

    Which is better to use? I am contemplating using a pair of thermo fans on my S14.5 RB26 project as space will be a restriction and I really don't want to cut into the upper radiator support to recess the aluminum radiator to give way for the clutch fan. What are your opinions?
  7. Topper

    Blue Smoke

    Had some bubbling sound in the engine, I have now got the two fans strapped to the rad working via a Revotec controller, had the car idling, when the fans kicked in smoke started to come from the exhaust, adjusted the Revotec to stop the fans, but the smoke continued. Any thoughts?
  8. G

    Any Metallica fans here??

    Just got the new album 'Death Magnetic' on friday. Cant stop listening to it. its up there with their best work :notworthy:. any more 'tallica' fans on here?
  9. Nicely

    What would you buy for your S15...

    ...if you had a budget of ?100-200 (AU$225-450/US$200-400)? Simple one. Just interested what prime piece of automotive mechanicalism or bling you would buy if you were suddenly presented with ?100-200. Has to be something for your S15 only :) I'll start. I'd pay for one of Apex's SS Z32...
  10. G

    Any Arsenal Fans In S15OC?

    Well...? Why dont you (if you are into EPL) post the FC you are supporting in EPL. :)
  11. A

    S15 warm up

    Hey ppl. How long does your s15 take to warm up? Mine seems to warm up really quickly. Like... start car... drive (take it real easy) for about 4-5 kms doing roughly 60km/h and by the end of 5 kms or so... the temp gauge is right in the middle. Also... on any day hotter than 30 degrees... the...
  12. P

    Changing Thermo fans

    Has anyone changed the thermo fan on their S15? I've seen a few that have just removed the standard fan and shroud and replaced them with two thermo fans. The main reason being the fmic reducing flowto the radiator. It also gives you about 300cubic feet :p more space in the engine bay. Just...
  13. D

    Cooling Fans

    Basically how many cooling fans have ye in front of radiator? I have only the crankshaft one but noticeed that there is a motor driven one too. So how many has everyone?