1. S

    WTB: Carbon Fiber wing.

    I’m after a decent carbon fiber wing for my S15…..ideally after something of reasonable height, don’t want it sitting super low but don’t want it over my roof line either.. Don’t want something that’s damaged either, has to be mint as pretty close. Anyone have one for sale? Something of a...
  2. paddyb01

    FS: nissan s15 spec R

    Time has come to part ways with my s15 as Im not really into cars any more, would really like if it went to a car enthusiast off here and if there is any parts you would like taken off we can sort something out:) There are more pictures and info in my thread, the car has been been off the road...
  3. K

    WTB: S15 interior parts needed

    I am looking for these parts: S15 digital climate control with pigtail S15 master switch and passenger switch with pigtail S15 radio brackets S15 carbon fiber radio surround S15 carbon fiber door switches surround S15 carbon fiber interior door handle surround I need it shipped to California...
  4. paddyb01

    whats my car worth?

    Been thinking about selling lately but not 100% yet car is looked after like a baby rarely sees the road this is the spec but the wheels are sold and im picking up new works in two weeks. spec Bride Drivers Seat Bride super low rail Double din dvd player EPR Carbon fiber gear surround Swat...
  5. G

    Carbon Fiber Center Console

    Hey guys, ive just been onto sniper racing about making a full center console for the s15 (the bit with the cup holders and lift up lid) as i belive this is the weakest part on the car and always turns to **** with the paint scratching and falling off etc.. ive sent my hole console away for them...
  6. N

    FS: WTS: HKS BOV SSQV III, cf canard, gt wing, Cusco coilover zero2r etc.

    have a few items to clear from my storeroom HKS BOV SSQV III- £140 carbon fiber canards (4 pieces) - £140 voltex style 5 (replica) carbon fiber GT wing - £400 carbon fiber GT wing for hatchback - £200 cusco coilover zero2r for nissan s15 £680 (used about 10,000miles) Items condition...
  7. J

    Where can i get these parts???

    anyone know where i can get these style lights for a 180sx and the carbon fiber for the bottom of the bumper
  8. G

    FS: carbon fiber abs heat sheilds

    hey ive been making carbon fiber bits for a few years now and ive decided to start selling some, so to start off with i'll be selling some abs heat sheilds made out of 100% carbon so if any one is interested just let me know as i'll make to order, price is $150 aud per unit plus delivery just...
  9. F

    FS: S15 Carbon Fiber Stereo Surround Bezel!

    Hello, I am selling my Carbon Fiber Stereo Suround Bezel. It is carbon wrapped plastic so it fits just like OEM. Great quality and it looks awesome! from a company called DS5. It is practically brand new, it has been in a show car for about 3 months. I am asking $150.00.
  10. S

    WTB: Looking for s15 front parts

    I'm lookin for used OEM s15 front parts, incl.: * both front fenders * bonnet * front bumper * front lights * front fog lights (optional) fiber or carbon fiber bonnet would be ok too, but OEM would be better mail me at I'm located in Lithuania, but everything near London works...