1. Parky

    Very noddy oil level question

    Question is; oil level is just on the L on the dipstick. How much oil do I need to put in to fill it up to the H mark? Don't want to overfill it is all!
  2. Fruitbooter

    Removing gear stick

    Just wanted to check a few things. Ive read Nicelys guide I want to remove the stick to fill the box up with oil so need to make sure all the parts go back together etc...from the photos it looks like theres all sorts of like...
  3. xlr8

    Heatwave in ireland

    Sun is out in Ireland = wax cars and fill with petrol
  4. LuPix_S15

    Gearbox Oil Change Guide

    Ok - did my box oil change for first time since I had Silvia so thought I'd take a pic to show where everything is as there's been confusion recently about where the drain and fill plugs are lol... So as you can see the fill and drain are both on the passenger N/S of the gearbox. Can't...
  5. E

    URGENT - where is the 6 speed MT fill plug?

    Hi, Sorry for the urgent but the car's currently on the ramp. I've a spec R 6 speed, and don't know which of several options is the fill plug. The service manual shows something that bares no resemblance to my car - is that a 5speed (I heard the S14 looks a bit like that). Mine is pictured...
  6. pegliobaglio

    intercooler cooling spray

    I have a cooling spray for my intercooler,need to top it up but just wanted to make sure its just normal water you fill it with not something like de ionised water anyone any ideas would be useful cheers
  7. R

    S15 Gearbox plug

    What size socket is needed to undo the drain and fill plugs?
  8. S

    G Box and Diff Filler holes

    I've searched the site and looked at the S15 maintenance manual but cant find what I'm looking for. I'm assuming the drain plug for both will be simple to find however I am not too sure if I'll find the filler. Also, would it be best to fill through the top of the gearbox as I have read on...
  9. irvs

    too high.

    is it just me or does the s15 sit pretty high for being a 'sporty coupe'. the wheels seem to fill the arches nicely but the bumpers and skirts still seem kinda high.:(
  10. Yakozan

    fuel pump exchange how-to wanted.

    i remember seeing one for the S14 which someone updated with S15 specs on how to change it. Can't seem to find it anymore and if anyone knows where it is or another good guide please fill me in :)
  11. M

    Gearbox Oil Replacement

    Last night I was starting to think about replacing my gearbox oil Ive had sat in the garage for months (Does anyone see a pattern forming here? :D ), but looking under the car I couldnt really see a way of getting the oil back into the box. What I mean is I could see the fill plug but without...