1. I

    WTB: S15 spec S diff

    Looking for a Spec S diff, that is 4.083 final drive :wave:
  2. pegliobaglio

    FS: civic type r 2010

    right guys have been thinking about doing this for a while now as i want to finish my s15 so need to free up some cash. 2010 crysta black type r 10.000 full gp pack honda lsd hid usb tyre pressure sensor red footwell lighting(honda) type r matt's Under warranty till 2013 i believe usual final...
  3. JaseYpk

    What is 'Final Drive'?

    Basically I keep seeing this phrase pop up and dont really have much of an idea of what it is.. Also whats the advantages/disadvantages to having a lower ratio/higher ratio final drive, and what does it mean. many thanks
  4. Roots82

    D1 GP Final, Fuji Speedway

    Hey guys, I recently spent some time out in Japan, and managed to get to Fuji Speedway for the D1 final whilst i was there, Awesome day was loads to see on and off the track, Especially in the car parks lol Any way thought some of you drifters might wanna see the video i knocked up out of the...
  5. K

    WTB: 4.3 final gear for S15

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a 4.3 final gear from a Nissan Skyline GTS-T Series 2 Auto. It has to be from the auto cause the manual's final gear is 4.1. And it has to be from a Series 2 because of the ABS/speed sensor. anyone can help me ?
  6. M

    NOCI Meet August 10th

    Hey folks. I'm just letting ye know about the NOCI Summer Meet. As the name suggets its the Summer Meet for NOCI (Nissan Owners Club of Ireland). This will include several clubs. I don't mind how many people turn up as all the locations can handle a fair amount of cars, however if anyone messes...
  7. D

    [16th/17th Sept Spa] Final King of Europe Drift Series 2006

    [16th/17th Sept Spa] Final King of Europe Drift Series 2006 Spa Francorchamps : The final round on one of the best tracks in the world! Only 2 weeks to go before the Toyo Tires King of Europe Drift Series 2006 FINAL ROUND on 16th & 17th September! Blanchimont will be the start line, it...