1. A

    Urgent help pls!!!!!

    So the earth on the coil pack wire harness came off when I was trying to get to the bolt to undo it. I have a new harness to put in. Can someone please tell me where I can put the earth elsewhere? Can I use either of these? or the bracket on the firewall?
  2. T

    Harness help please should be easy

    I will keep it short and sweet. I Threw the motor back in and trying to tuck all the wires. I have no clue what this harness goes to. It has been over a year since I took the motor out and cant remember. This harness comes out of the passenger side firewall. Part of it clips into the wiper...
  3. NICKO

    Power FC Djetro Wiring route Help

    Im in the middle of fitting the Map And AIT sensors where I want them and im now on the task of fitting the wiring looms to go down the the ECU. Now the hole in the firewall behind the intake manifold is full of gauge wiring etc so that one is out of the question, I have noticed the main...
  4. 7

    Clutch/Gear problems

    Hi, I recently got a '99 Silvia and it has been giving me a few problems that I have to get fixed. When the car is cold I cannot get into any gear without the engine stalling. That's been getting worse each time. It seems as if I'm trying to get the car into gear with the clutch only half...
  5. Y

    WTB: Wanted: S15 firewall or whole damaged shell

    Searching for Silvia S15 firewall where is VIN number or whole damaged shell with documents. I'm making big drift project Silvia Spec R S15 with 2JZGTE pushed back, and shell donor which I bought have VIN number damaged, so can't register it here and can't get sport passport means can't...