1. gazzaspencer

    Flash code 28 engine light maf sensor

    Had previous issue with z32 maf sensor. Engine light comes on no throttle control, cannot rev over 2000rmp (sometimes can) flash code 28 "cooling fan circuit" Old z32 maf was 2nd hand and untested so replaced with brand new genuine Hitachi from horsham developments last year which sorted the...
  2. ChrisKnottIns

    Flash Sale :: Chris Knott Breakdown Cover

    Hi, With the summer now upon us and the Pound weak against the Euro, you may be planning a staycation this year. So have you thought about Breakdown Cover to protect you as you rack up all those UK miles? Summer Sizzler discount As a trusted club broker, Chris Knott Insurance is on hand to...
  3. A

    urgent help needed

    while driving earlier the engine light started flashing constantly when on the throttle it would flash slightly faster, any help would be much appreciated as I've only had it 4 days
  4. spoonman

    Flash Mob Harlem Shake........... hell year

    thread delete .
  5. pegliobaglio

    pewter s15 king langley

    saw a grey s15 with 50\50 rear lights and aero spoiler in kings langley today at 3pm,dunno if its anyone on here, didnt flash as i was in my type r prob would have thought i was a nutta lol
  6. LuPix_S15

    HELP!! Crazy electrical problem...

    Ok folks, Got a weird electrical issue which started halfway through DWYB last Wednesday. First, the airbag warning light started flashing on and off all the time. I assumed it was just the cancellation attachment had come loose during drifting so waited until I got home to take the...
  7. LuPix_S15

    Steering Wheel + Boss

    Hiya, Just wanted to get my head round swapping the S15 steering wheel for an aftermarket item. I've searched on here and seen a couple of older threads relating to Driftworks selling the quick-release boss adaptor but I think I need to find out more info etc. My questions are: 1. If I'm...
  8. mint

    Indicators Stopped indicating...

    :annoyed: yup lol hapened twice now my Indicators / Hazards have just refused to work :down: Turned the car off back on, flash lights a bit and bingo working... Anyone with any ideas!
  9. A

    No locking double flash?

    Hey people, I installed a new headunit over the weekend and I just notice today that when I lock the car, it still beeps twice for the alarm but doesn't flash the indicators twice like it used to. Same goes for unlocking, one beep, but no single flash. What could cause this and how do I fix...