1. NICKO

    FS: S15 Blitz modified Downpipe, boss and flexi

    here is a blitz downpipe/front pipe for the s15, it has an 8" stainless flexi welded in and also a boss for wideband sensor, great condition and not been used since modification but test fitted and fits perfect :nod: 100GBP postage will be extra 15GBP
  2. fez06

    FS: S14 flexi downpipe S/S 3"

    As above 3" stainless steel with flexi. In good condition just tarnished from the heat. Located in Sheffield near meadowhall. £60
  3. JaseYpk

    WTB: flexi front section

    Anyone got any recommendations? my current manifold/elbow/oem frontpipe setup isnt perfectly lined up with the decat and as such is putting unnecessary stress on said parts and causing my cat gasket to fail for starters. so need a flexi front pipe before something cracks! off the shelf one or...
  4. T

    exhaust flexi joint on s15

    Anyone have any idea where i can get a replacement exhaust flexi joint for an S15. Will the S14 one fit?
  5. T

    WTB: S15 exhaust flexi joint and associated pipework

    As above. Stock or whatever. If anyone knows where you can get this bit anywhere it would be a huge help!