1. A

    JDM S15 Aircon Issue - Ventilators and Footwell

    Hi guys, Up until recently my aircon was working fine - with the exception of the clicking noise coming from the bi-level door motor. Now the only mode that works is 'Defrost'. Nothing comes out from the footwell or front vents regardless of which other modes are selected. The compressor...
  2. JDM_virgin

    WTB: Branded down pipe and elbow

    As in the title, 3 inch down pipe and elbow- stainless obviously. I bought toyo sport ones and the downpipe is tight against the passenger footwell so eventually something will crack :( lesson learnt but cheap but twice :(
  3. Jaydej

    Plug what is it?

    Hey people a couple days ago I was taking apart my dash to try and find out why my rear speakers work every now and again and I came across a plug on top of a small plug about shin high on the drivers footwell it looks to be like a ODB plug but I'm not 100% sure as it looks different to modern...
  4. Max

    Cabin water leak

    Odd problem here. It has been bloody wet recently and since December I have been getting into the car and feeling that the drivers carpet around the pedals is wet. Thought it was wet feet initially but has been getting wetter in wet weather. Blasting hot air does shift most of it on a long...
  5. C

    WTB: S15 Fuse Box & Loom

    Long shot but in need of an S15 footwell fuse box and loom? Thanks guys.
  6. NICKO

    WTB: S15 Bits N Bobs

    Im after a washer bottle filler neck + cap, the on that runs up the O/S of the engine bay. Also im after the fuse box cover in the drivers footwell and a standard jack to go in the boot :) All items must be in very good condition, cheers :D
  7. G


    lads why is there a flare with 'nissan' on it in the passenger footwell of my S15????
  8. Topper

    Water Ingress

    Hi :wave: After returning from another show at Knockhill, i got home and put the car away, as i went to get out i noticed the left hand side of my footwell was wet where my clutch foot had been sitting. I was raining a little on the way home, but nothing serious. Last night i took the trims...
  9. Nicely

    Translated fusebox diagrams

    For those with JDM S15s who haven't looked inside the footwell fusebox, you're in for a surprise! :p Your fusebox diagram is in Jap. :D I sorted out translated diagrams last year to replace both the footwell and engine bay fusebox diagrams. The engine bay one is already in english, but if its...