1. Lil SpecR

    Seats ... any advice?

    Hello! I've put some dc2 recaros in my 15 and I love them but I'm not 100% happy with them. I think the previous seat had an extra low rail or something because I can't get the dc2 seats to Flip forward fully unless they're all the way back, and they seem quite tight against the door cards too...
  2. Unberivable

    Hi from Australia

    Hey all, I'm Sean from australia. I got a jdm spec r s15 recently. Look forward to talking with you all!
  3. S

    Chargespeed bumper

    Finally arrived :) Looking forward to getting it fitted!
  4. D

    Newbie from Ireland

    Hi guys, Newbie from Galway, Ireland. I'm currently in the market for an s15 spec r preferably in pewter grey or white. If anyone is selling in Ireland please pm or email me. I look forward to learning more about these cars and more than likely be asking a lot of questions :) David
  5. A

    New Member from Miami, Spec-R owner

    Hello everyone, I wanted to introduce myself to S15 OC. My name is Alex and I own a 2002 Spec-R. Im relatively new to forums so as I familiarize myself here and how to navigate and post pics, I will be doing so little by little. In the meantime you can click the link below to see some pics of my...
  6. S

    Newbie from Manchester

    Hi Everyone :) I've just put a deposit down on my first S15 Spec-R. Looking forward to going picking it up soon and getting more involved around here. Sam.
  7. F

    Hello from the Isle of Wight

    Hi everyone just thought I would join up and say hi. I'm currently toying with the idea of an s14 or an s15. I have seen a nice Yellow S15 down for sale at SVA imports. Does anyone know the car or could should any light on her...
  8. S

    New owner from Durham

    Hi, just thought I should introduce myself. Just picked up my first s15 this afternoon (the yellow spec r in the sale section) been meaning to get on for a while but always end up buying something else. Just sold my Evo X and I saw this one for a decent price so thought sod it. Looking forward...
  9. JDM_virgin

    Brake modification

    I know most of you on here run skyline brake setups or k sports (or something similar), but I was wondering if anyone had spaced out the stock calipers in order to fit bigger rotors. I cant really justify an expensive brake upgrade as wont be using the car on track but I do want sharper brakes...
  10. Jaydej

    Hey everyone

    Hi all, I'm Jorge I'm 22 years long and live in Hertfordshire, have just joined the forum, I have always wanted a S15 and finally this year I have managed to afford one, I contacted TORGUE GT to try and find me the car I always wanted sure enough they did and I can't wait for it to arrive. I've...
  11. matt1966

    hello, looking forward to being part of S15owners club

  12. T

    America's Cwest Widebody S15

    First off I would like to say I feel Privileged to be one of the few owners of an S15 here in the USA. They are near imposible to get your hands on so I consider myself blessed. With that being said within the next year the car will be completely changed in this order Paint Endless BBK Interior...
  13. T

    Newbie from Ireland

    Not a silvia owner as of yet but currently in the market for one...been checking various sites etc not sure weather to import fresh or buy an irish market car but the future will tell.... Currently driving an ae111 so looking forward to the change in drive and power..Will use this site for...
  14. Lai

    New owner from Portsmouth

    Hi all, Just a quick intro, my name is Lai and I'm from Portsmouth. Just sold my fn2 and picked this Spec S up from Cris last week :) I'm really pleased so far but need to spend some proper time with it over the weekend. I look forward to nosing through the forum and gaining some S-body...
  15. O

    My S15 dream is now reality!

    Well i arrived on the island of Okinawa almost a month ago and have finally made my dream of someday owning a S15 a reality!! Super excited!! She is nothing to really brag about compared to most of the bad ass cars you guys have on here. But hey, i finally gott one and as am happy as can be. She...
  16. Jordan

    FS: S15 Flexi de-cat

    1 month old. Fairly straight forward really. £35 Delivered :)
  17. JDM_virgin

    Hello from Kent

    and so, it has finally happened. I've taken the plunge and imported myself a 99 silvia s15 aero in white hi everyone, Im Bill and as you can tell from my user name, i am a complete JDM virgin but the itch has now been scratched- well it will when i take delivery around April 1st. this will be...
  18. B

    Hi Everyone

    Hi people my name is Ben, i am a mad JDM enthusiast and my past cars include a Civic Type R EK9, and EP82 Starlet GT. Ever since i went turbo i have been hooked on them. Last week i got the joy of going in my mates brothers S15 spec R and i fell in love with them. I am looking to buy one AS...
  19. M

    New Owner from Tasmania, Australia 200sx

    Hey everyone, just a quick introduction, I live on the North-West coast of Tasmania, have just bought myself a 2002 200sx Spec R GT. I previously owned a 2004 WRX which I just sold but looking forward to playing with the 200 Red in Colour, with Greddy Coilovers, All adjustable Greddy arms and...
  20. E

    Hello from the state of Alabama in the United States!

    Hello everyone! My name is Jason and i drive a 93 Nissan 240SX coupe with a 01 S15 Spec R SR20DET swap. If you would like to see pictures of my car, feel free to add me on Facebook. My URL is Im looking forward to browsing this forum and finding a lot of...