1. ArTo

    WTB: Right front OEM Fender

    Hey guys looking for a good front right OEM fender shipping to Germany If someone have FRp Fender with good fitment, I‘ll thing about thanks
  2. C

    WTB: Aero rear spats

    As above. FRP ones are fine! If they're TV3 blue then that's a bonus but otherwise the paint doesn't matter as they'll be repainted anyway. Thanks
  3. ArTo

    FS: DMAX Style Trunk Spoiler FRP

    Hey, for sale a brand new FRP Trunk Spoiler DMAX Style. 80 € + Shipping
  4. Havoc

    FS: FRP +30mm frond overfenders/wings

    S15 FRP +30mm front over fender/wings for sale. £80 for the pair, need a small amount of care before paint (Unless your car is purple). Made by KNIGHT RACER. Ask for more photos of required. " Instagram: @mrkerr @downsideapparel #downsidedrifters "
  5. B

    FS: S15 pewter grey 1 owner coilovers etc.

    I recently imported this s15, but my visa has come through so I can emigrate now, and it's loads of hassle to get it registered where I'm going. 198k in kms Adjustable tension rods Coilovers White line adjustable front and rear sway bars 11 months MoT Dish steering wheel Hkb steering...
  6. D

    FRP Nismo style s15 bonnet
  7. D

    FS: S15 FRP Nismo style bonnet by EPR

    FRP Nismo style bonnet by EPR Comes with locking aero catches Brand new on my car for a few weeks if that. Located Motherwell Scotland £250 ono looking for a quick sale
  8. D

    FS: remenants from s14.5frp nismo bonnet / s15 non hid lights

    Decat pipe good condition -£40 now 30 Stainless elbow - £30 Blitz supersound trumpet BOV/Dumpvalve - £50 Gizzmo EBC think the solenoid is done on it but £40ish should get you a knew one if it is - £50 Black doorcards with dents because rollcage has been pressed against them - £30...

    FS: BGW

    £175 collected from Gloucester / trax / forge / players FRP
  10. Ghost

    Bride seats

    I have been trying to get my hands on a fixed back bride seat for a while and I've found two that I'm interested in, 1 is a carbon Kevlar Zeta II and the other is a frp VIOS III Lowmax. Both are the same colour and same price, anyone have any experience with either of these? Sizing, comfort etc
  11. J0R04N

    S15 Aero FRP Bumpers CHEAP!!!!!

    Found these on Yahoo Auctions Convert's to around £230 + Shipping. Which i think is pritty good. Im guessing postage would be around £80???? They also do the full kit in FRP for £540!!!! Cannot put a link for the product but you can find them from this page...
  12. C

    FS: 'Duraflex' Aero front bumpers (group buy)

    Right then, looks like its time for another groupbuy as the last one went so well, all be it stressful! I've been talking to a guy at a company called 'Extreme Dimensions' in America regarding some Aero replica bumpers they do. Their made of a material called 'Duraflex', which from what I...
  13. E

    S15 FRP Roof Spoiler / Rear Window Spoiler

    We have a few of this in stock, made by FRP and come in white gel-coating. Recommand bond it on, price is £100 delivered within UK mainland Carbon Version will be avaliable in May/June, please send me a PM if you wish to reserve one. Any one interested, please free to PM us or email to...
  14. C

    FRP Aero bumpers

    Does anyone know where I can get a FRP aero bumper from? I know someone does copys of them but can't remember where/who. Had a quick search on here too, but to no avail. I'd greatly prefer a plastic bumper for obvious reasons but everyone knows how rare they are, and I can't afford to pay...