1. C

    Gas pedal deadzone

    Just recently got my S15 and there is one thing really bugging me out. The gas pedal doesn't appear to have any way of adjusting it's start and stop positions (other than literally bending it). The issue is, I have a lot of deadzone before the throttle cable starts pulling on the throttle lever...
  2. jake

    Maf problem

    So I was driving my s15 rb25 for the the first time to day since the conversation Drove it from Portsmouth back to basingstoke then round basingstoke for a bit so about an hour and a half work of driving with no problems at all The was driving to work witch is in hook so about another 20mins...
  3. A

    WTB: A/C Evaporator

    Need an A/C Evaporator, mines leaked all the gas out.
  4. S

    Boot springs

    Hi, Can someone post a picture of how the boot springs are fitted? The previous owner removed them and I want to fit them but not sure how. Unless anybody knows of any gas struts that fit? Thanks
  5. S

    New S15 Owner!!

    Hi all, Just brought myself an S15 from a previous member on this site. I was originally in the process of searching for one in Japan and then I saw this one for sale and just had to have it!! Luckily I'm using it as just a weekend and show car so I've got big plans for it under the bonnet as...
  6. S15AK

    Intermittent stutter

    Got a intermittent stutter/misfire problem, not sure what it could be. Plugs have been changed, service only just done, its been mapped this year so all in good health. However ever now and again if I go for a quick launch, so build up the revs and go for it in first, the engine seem to bog...
  7. lvaleiron

    High octane for high boost setting, premium for low boost

    So my tuning session is coming and i have a few question for you folks, i have a gas station near my house that sells 100 octane race gas, premium here is 95 octane or so, can i tune with the 100 octane gas let say for 17 psi and if i need to fill the tank with 95 just use a "low boost setting"...
  8. S

    White smoke and oil smells like gas.....

    So since I got my tax disk finally, I took my car out for a little drive. I've noticed the white smoke coming from the exhaust before. When I got back home, I checked the oil. When I pulled out the dipstick, the oil was a cloudy brown. I rubbed some of the oil between my finders and it...
  9. B

    2nd gear jumps out

    While driving my car, the transmission jumps out of second gear when I take my foot of the gas. Any help?
  10. spoonman

    GUIDE: Weight Saving

    Feel free to add to this. ie interior, flywheels, manifolds........ anything that was lighter then what was there. Removal of engine bay aircon parts. Aircon radiator, bracket, pump, belt, pulley, filter, pipes, bolts. SAVED 13.6kg might put it back in when summer comes around, removed as it...
  11. P

    WTB: Help im stuck in california!!!!!!

    Apperently it is absolutly impossibe to find a S15 windshield here :) does anyone have one for sale or know where to buy one or if you have the part number, or is there another model that will fot. also needed gas door oem or what ever anylinks? lastly A piller interior plastic on the driver...
  12. Yakozan

    APEX'i Power Intake

    You might want to check if someone could make a custom adapter for the Apexi filter. More than half of the Power intake kit costs is the adapter to the AFM. Not very priceworthy considering its only a piece of steel :rolleyes: You're gonna love the flutter you'll get after installing the...