1. K

    DIY CAN bus gauge / clock

    I had wanted a way to display an AFR gauge in the car without adding extra gauges and so I set about making this, utilizing the stock clock location and control stalk. It's not such an easy install into an S15 as it requires cutting and drilling to the gauge cluster and destroying the original...
  2. O

    FS: A bunch of stuff for sale

    Hi Guys, Doing a bit of a clean up and have some items laying around someone might be interested in. All parts are the real deal not the knock-offs that are floating around on the web. HKS turbo timer type 0 - £70,- / €80,- HKS turbo timer harness ZT-2 - £7 / €8,- HKS turbo timer harness MT-6...
  3. H

    Fuel pump issue

    Looking for some advice. I changed the fuel pump a couple of months back. Ever since then the pump can’t supply fuel the the engine when the gauge shows 1/8th on the fuel gauge. No fuel light shows. Before I changed the pump I could drive till empty and the fuel light would show at around 1/8 on...
  4. Surfing Boris

    FS: Lightning yellow Spec R Aero

    FOR SALE: NISSAN S15 SPEC R, £11, 800 ono Factory Aero kit in Nissan Lightning Yellow (only 1.97% of all S15s ever produced were painted yellow from the factory) Tomei 3 inch turbo elbow APW Engineering 3 inch down pipe with flexi 3 inch de-cat pipe 3 inch cat back exhaust, unknown brand...
  5. C

    WTB: A-pillar boost gauge cover thingy

    Anyone got one?
  6. Alex De Large

    Boost Gauge Wiring Help

    I'm trying to fit a Blitz SD Boost Gauge into the stock boost gauge position but i'm having some issues with the wiring so I'm hoping someone can help. I got this wired up and working fine by using the original boost gauge wiring but when I tried to refit the A-Pillar trim the boost gauge is...
  7. Unberivable

    Fuel sender replacement (or fix) help

    Hi all, So my jdm spec r s15 has a fuel sender that's not working. It always sits at empty with the fuel light on even when full. I narrowed it down to the fuel sender by sticking a wire into the connection of the fuel sender (to the gauge) and the gauge went up. The problem however is getting...
  8. adzsy

    FS: few parts for sale.

    Everything plus postage. Universal 3 gauge pod. £10 + Postage T28 S14 5 Bolt gasket £5 300zx Turbo gasket 4 bolt Genuine Nissan £10 Water Temp Gauge - Unknown Brand - New Damaged box £10 Boost gauge - Unkown Brand - New Damaged box £10 Air Filter £10 2.5" Blue silicone pipe £15 Bulldog...
  9. F

    Oem boost gauge bulb

    Anyone know what kind of bulb it is? Or where I can get a replacement? Thanks
  10. Johnny

    WTB: Right plastic pillar(driver side) from Spec-S

    Hi I need right pillar without any gauge..there was in spec s version PM
  11. H

    gauge mount inspiration

    i have a few gauges that I'm going to need to mount, namely AVCR, SAFC and a wideband 52mm gauge, looking for inspiration for where to mount them, anyone got any pics?
  12. dave_t

    FS: Nismo Dials / Nismo Gauge Cluster (Boxed)

    Item For Sale: Nismo Dials / Nismo Gauge Cluster / Nismo Combination Meter Description: Only removed due to selling the car - Absolutely as new condition, full working order. Back in the Original Box Pics: Fitted to my S15 - They really look Absolutely Fantastic! £320...
  13. H

    WTB: A pillar without gauge pod

    not sure if they exist, have a standard A pillar with a pod looking for one without
  14. J

    WTB: Fuel Gauge sending unit

    I am looking for a Fuel Gauge sending unit. I am not sure that this is the name of it in English, but when I start the car the light is on that it is empty and also the indicator stands on empty. But the tank is full... Is there anybody who can help me? Or can anybody tell me what the problem...
  15. S

    S15 Nismo Gauge Clusters Group Buy

    Hi guys and girls I have been in touch with a supplier in Japan regarding prices for around 10 sets of Nismo gauge clusters for the S15 but obviously need to know what prices you guys/girls are willing to pay for a set and how many of you would actually want to purchase a set of them so I can...
  16. tooley

    Help Needed - S15 SR20 DE into my GF S13 - S15 DE ECU Pinout needed

    Hi guys, Ive put an S15 SR20DE Manual into my other halfs s13 since she has been through 3 CA's I have finished the whole lot and she has been driving it the last week with no issues other than I could not get the tacho or coolant temperature gauge to work. I have found out that I need to...
  17. A

    Intermittant electrical problems when starting the engine.

    So I have the key turned to ACC & everything electrics wise is fine, I start the car & all the radio/boost controller screen etc goes off while it starts & then the radio etc comes back on. But sometimes the little boost controller screen just says ERROR & beeps continuously or occasionally...
  18. S

    FS: Breaking a s14a 200sx. Plenty s15 parts

    all parts came from a working car and are in good working order Apex-I Super Intake z32 Air Filter £40 RPS Max Street Clutch RPS CYNRG Lightened Flywheel £400 Koyo Alloy Radiator with HKS Radiator Cap £200 GEARBOX, slight whine at top of first gear £150 Greddy VSPL Front Mounted...
  19. T

    Boost readings

    Hi guys. My boost gauge has started reading low. My HKS evc reads 0.7bar and my gauge used to match this, now the ebc reads the same but the gauge is only showing 0.25bar. It's still pulling strong though, definitely making some boost. The way it, either the boost gauge has died, it still...
  20. Floyd

    Defi advance BF turbo gauge problems

    Hey, So basically my gauge was playing up for a while due to the meter cable wires being exposed... I replaced the wire and currently it will boot up fine, LED's come on, needle resets... Then the LED simply turns off and wont come back on again? the gauge itself continues working as normal...