1. Nicely

    Google Malware Warning

    Some of you may have been shown a Google malware warning when accessing the site today. This was due to a remote image in an old post (ironically one of mine :p ) linking to a site (now) recognized as being a source of malware, NOT the forum containing malware. This image has now been removed...
  2. dave_t

    S15 Brake Bleeding Guide?

    Just finished fitting my K-Sport front set-up, and came inside to dodge the rain. thought i'd google a procedure to bleed the brakes, but nothing really definitive. can anyone give me any info?
  3. JaseYpk

    FS: HKS air filter

    HKS "Super Power Flow Reloaded" (the big green mushroom one!) Sorry no pics, but it is what it is, its got no holes or anything in it so dont worry. works fine :) This is just the air filter for sale. no pipes or clips! Google image - Retails at around £160 for a new one Yours for £40...
  4. M

    Photo of Spec-r Badge

    Hi guys i need a favour from you! Im after a high quality picture of a 'spec-r' badge. Am wanting to do abit of photo-shopping to it and the only ones i could find using google images were to small. So preferebly close up and straight on to the badge. Thanks in advance.
  5. B

    DRV meter-what is it?

    As above Can anybody tell me what it does exactly? Mine appears to basically be a secondary rev counter but I can't help feeling that there's something more to it A Google search hasn't helped Thanks in advance Nick
  6. S15AK

    Nismo GT-PRO 2way diff?

    Hi Guys, Ok I think I have the above diff in my S15. Now I believe these are adjustable diff's and can go from 1.5 to 2way. Now I've had a quick google around but can't find out how you can adjust them? Anyone had one before and now how to change it? Cheers
  7. R-Spec

    RSS post notifications

    Hi guys, For the sxoc I get RSS notifications in my google sidebar (from google desktop). e.g. but they were set automatically and I don't know how to control which area of the forum they cover. The main thing is that I don't seem to be able to...
  8. G

    S lightning logo

    does anyone have a hi-res picture of the above did a google but only come up with small blurry pics
  9. J

    S15 "Double Dragon" feature

    Stumbled across this via Google: :thumbs: