1. mook - Custom Dials and Graphics

    Well, been about on the board for a little while now and having finished my graphics thought it was appropriate to let you guys know what I do in my spare time. I have a small home run company called Skewer Ltd which I run with my long suffering wife. The main aspect is the custom graphics - I...
  2. mook

    Graphics are complete

    Well, after plenty of hard work I've finally got the graphics all sorted. Here's some of the pics, hope you like :D
  3. mook

    Mt graphics ideas

    My graphics ideas Right, I'm working on getting my graphics sorted now. I had come up with a design before I even picked the car up (too keen!) but sizing it up against the car it just didn't look quite right. Here's the design as they first started with the intention of having it on the...
  4. Surfing Boris

    Pic request please

    Hi Guys, As I said in my introduce yourself section I am really keen on buying an S15, I have picked the wheels, the kit, the cf wing, I want a cf bonnet and a cf boot if there is one out there?? I love the look of the D1 cars in all the bright colours and liveries but wondering if anything...
  5. moomin

    Custom Vinyl/Graphics/Window tint type dude!!

    Hello everyone!!! Just thought i would let everyone know about this, my best buddy is a graphics manager, and does alot of stuff on the side, he has recently opened his own little workshop and is gonna go at it alone, so i thought i would try to throw some work his way!!! he is one of the...