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    Cant Change into 5th or 6th at High RPM

    Noticed this today, I thought I'd give it some as I rarely get the opportunity to. So I was giving it the heavy and when in the high RPM's between 5/7k I would try and change from 4th to 5th....Nope, The shifter acted like the gear wasn't even there, wouldn't go up. So I had an idea! 6th I...
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    Stange Trans grind and electrical Q's

    Right after start up when the clutch is down I shift into gear and give it gas then I hear a slight grind noise, in both 1st and reverse. this is only after the first shift into gear before i start moving. when I'm driving there is no grinds and no problems getting into gear, the clutch has lots...
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    Cold Start Grind

    This happens intermittently but can't seem to find any information on it. Let me set the scene.. Its your average dry morning and I'm about to take my car out for a drive. I start the car, Put my foot on the clutch and pop it into first. I lift the clutch and GRIND, then gone. It only lasts...
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    New rocker cover

    My engine bay was looking very rough recently. It had a manky rocker cover, red and silver strut brace looking out of place, blue 'cusco' cooling panel and all the brackets rusty and dull as well as the bonnet stay. So i decided to do a little freshen up. I didnt want too much of an...
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    Anyone installed rear brake pads before?

    Ok... driving along - then grind grind grind (really loud by the time I got home :o ). Thought it was a stone in the rotor shield - but no. Pulling the handbrake up or braking stops it momentarily - so it looks like my rear brakes are toast. Sure enough, on inspection the inside pads are...