1. willy s15

    FS: nissan s14 s15 clear out // brakes rear 350z

    i have some parts thant i dont need most of them i have it as spare now i want to clear garage space for rb25 r33 series gtst model -radiator rb25 r33 very liltle use no name in great condition -granted hks original japan 100p -sterring colonum rb25 r33 gtst 80p -cams oem rb25 r33 gtst 80p...
  2. adzsy

    FS: Nissan Silvia Spec RB RB25DET Grey 1999

    MASSIVE PRICE DROP £11200 In the same manner as these things normally start, 'it is with great regret' that my S15 is up for sale. I imported the car into the UK about 6 years ago from Ireland, before that it came from Japan. I carried out the Conversion myself with great care and...
  3. adzsy

    FS: RB25DET S15 For Sale (Spec RB)

  4. powizzle


    Hey guys, I've come across a front pair of R33 GTR brembo's. Just wanted to ask, on their own, are the front pair a worthwhile upgrade? Is it necessary for me to upgrade the rear to brembo's as well. Or am I able to use GTST brakes or something similar? Also.. what's involved in upgrading...
  5. the doctor

    broken injectors

    hey, does anyone know the correct size of injectors SR20DET S15 hear everything from 370 to 480cc I can use SR20DE injectors, or injectors nissan GTST?
  6. S

    Oil Pressure Sender

    Is it the same for the R33 GTST as for the S15? Thanks v muchly Sam
  7. N

    FS: S15 sr20det,engine,box,loometc..

    Hey guys sellin my 60k engine, 6sp box,loom,turbo etc everything anyone needs for a conversion or overhaul, starts, drives perfect,can be seen running and driving, sellin cus i am lookin for a gtst r33 skyline engine box loom to replace it, im from northern ireland so buyer can collect or pay...
  8. D

    Power fc

    One quick question.. There's a lad near me selling a Power fc for good money cos he won it. Only snag is its for a r33 i presume gtst. Will it fit. I almost 100% positive the answer is no but i'd said i'd ask anyway..