1. tooley

    FS: Custom Asfab Battery Holder (boot) and a good halfords battery

    Hey, Got to get a dry cell battery to mound in my cabin for this years drifting. So i no longer need this. Looking at £100 for the lot.
  2. L

    Wiper Blades

    Hi All, Im looking to get some flat/aero blades for my S15. has anyone bought a set for theres from say Ebay or anything like that. Are they the same length as other Nissan's that are in the halfords compatible book when looking at wiper blades? Thanks Liam :wave:
  3. S

    trouble fitting new head unit

    ive just got my s15 and removed the standard head unit, but i cant find a head unit with the same conections!!! ive looked at 3 different stereo's and none of them the same as the car.. even went to halfords but they said there is no wiring adaptors to convert it!!! how has everyone changed...
  4. Dan H


    I've had to buy a new battery for my recently imported 15, so I thought I'd stick up a post with the details, as I couldn't find any when searching. Armed with a tape measure, I went to Halfords to find one matching the original that was fitted. Mine had got a small battery that I assume is...
  5. moomin

    wots the best oil to use???

    had a look in the helpfull threads but couldnt see anything i want to change my oil before my trip to rotorstock tomoz, was just wondering what people recommend??? (its gonna be a halfords shop so non of this nissan performance super duper oil direct from japan!!!!) cheers