1. Jay-pan

    Registering a car in the UK

    Hi guys anyone know the process of what to do when bringing a car from a different country to the UK. I was planing to fly over to the EU buy the car and drive it back but really dont no what would happen with insurance,tax,MOT main concern is driving it all the way back and not getting into...
  2. D

    WTB: SR20DE upgraded header

    Does anyone happen to have an upgraded header for the SR20DE? Please let me know if you do.
  3. dave_t

    WTB: Wanted: PAIR of 17x9.5 Enkei RPF1

    Want to run a 17 - 18 stagger setup on the S15. Need a pair of 17x9.5's to make this happen PM me if you have a pair :thumbs:
  4. s15Irl

    Another Irish S15

    Hi everybody, thought it was about time I started a "build thread". I've had my S15 for over 2 years now and I am absolutely in love! Cannot fault the car in any way.. In over 2 years I've only had to replace the starter motor (handy as we had one lying around out in the garage) and a tie rod...
  5. T

    car mats

    Don't know if this is the proper place to put this . They are doing a group buy on the sxoc for car mats and I asked if they could do a set for my s15 with maybe the spec R logo ( apparently im the only person to ask with a s15 ?) anyway the more people that want them the better chance there is...
  6. S

    car wont start

    so i come back to start car from shops, the car turns over but no start. last time this happen was about month ago and ever since then the cars been running fine. Last time it happen i came back the next day after 10-11 hours and it started first go. So this time i assumed its the battery could...
  7. J


    I know nissan produce really good engines, much like honda which ive had no problems with mine so far, but looking to buy my S15 soon and wondering, at what milage may a rebuild need to happen and what will need changing? If anyones rebuilt their engine, some advice would be appreciation at...
  8. T

    Stalling issue

    I recently got my car back on the road after over a year and a half lay off. Its nice to finally be driving it again but there are a few small things bugging me that i would like help with please. If for say I'm approaching a junction at say 30mph in fourth, i start to brake the car down and...
  9. DeanS15

    where's the thread gone?

    followed a subscription to a parts for sale thread (http://forum.s15oc.com/showthread.php?8204-s15-parts-for-sales&goto=newpost) and it's gone.... did something happen?
  10. Y

    loss of power and noisy dont know why.??

    Hello friends, Im having a spot of trouble with my car and its really starting to annoy me. Sometimes when I start my car I have no power the car idles fine but shakes and backfires when I drive it. The car will drive but the turbo doesn’t kick and no acceleration in it. It might not happen...
  11. Ozone

    Save our racing tracks! - UK nationals

    Petition to stop people whinging about noise from venues and activities which have been there for years, just because they've bought a house there recently and they want nothing to happen in the world, ever. Think of that old git that moved next to Castle Combe and tried to get it closed down...
  12. Z

    busted aircon

    my aircon stopped working suddenly so i had it checked out, turns out my condensor is cactus, lucky its winter over here. is it easily replaced ? iv been told its a pretty big job. Nicely you wouldnt happen to know the part numbers i need to order the parts from perfectrun ? any help would be...
  13. K

    WTB: JDM S15 headlights with OEM HID/Xenons

    Looking for a pair of excellent condition JDM S15 headlights with factory Xenons/HID. PM me if you happen to find them somewhere or if you have a pair tucked underneath your bed.
  14. E

    Major rough idle problem

    hi all, I have been having the problems that when I stop pressing on the gas throttle, my engine idle will drop below 480rpm and engine stalls....this happen quite often (many times per day especially in cooler days), I bring in to my mechanic to check...they replaced my AAC valve and adjust...
  15. E

    SR20DET idle problem

    Hi, when I turn on my engine, my idle will go up down up down in the rev range, from like almost stalling to a higher rpm than normal. When it drops the engine shake as it is about to stall. However, this problem will go away after few mins of driving, but it does happen every time when I just...
  16. E

    got a couple of nice pictures in the mail today!

    I'm starting to believe that my project may actually happen :)
  17. sushiming

    WTB: S15 Aero bumper

    hey guys i wanna find a Aero bumper now as it will be best fit and looks the piece... anyone happen to have one lying around in white would be nice.... :D