1. Lanyard

    Lights on climate control panel - Some not working?

    So since I imported this car, some of the back lights for the buttons on the climate control system have never worked with side lights or main beam. Demist, fan speed, re-circ and fresh do not light up but the rest are fine. I'm assuming this is just an led that's gone or loose wire, but...
  2. Lanyard

    HELP - No hot air! Heating not working

    Been through a couple posts regarding this but can't quite figure it out... Any ideas? The coolant is perfectly. Car has had a full service so that part is ruled out. Potentially heater matrix or heater switch?? Car has climate control so all electric buttons. AC works fine. Cold air and all...
  3. J

    Yellow headlights

    After buying my S15 I've noticed that the headlights have an unappetising yellow tinge to them, I've been told that this may be the plastic getting old and brittle, and replacing them to get perfectly clear lights again may be necessary, my question is; is it possible to clean them up by t cut...
  4. Y

    help need!!! over heating engine..

    3 weeks back i was making a trip from A to B about 90miles long got there fine no hassle. However on the return trip i was passing out on the motorway doing about 70 when anytime i went to speed up the car spluttered and didnt seem its self. Now i had been having trouble with a coil pack so at...
  5. F

    FS: SR20DET Manifold from HPIAB!!

    Merged Collector Steel manifold suit GT25,28,GT28RS on Nissan 4cyl Low Mount Fit on all SR20DET Engines!! S14 / S14a / S15 The Manifold runs 300miles!! Its brand new and comes with the heating tape you see on the picture. Make me an offer!! The Manifold has a lifetime warranty!!