1. L


    I'm going to need a clutch soon, no idea where to even look for a s15, still got the standard flywheel(i think) car will be running 370bhp(ish) don't want to have a really heavy clutch pedal, tried my friends 14 with a 6 puk clutch and that was stupidly heavy don't want to be spending stupid...
  2. M

    s15 spec s with s14 20det manual conversion. few problems im having

    hi everyone i have a nissan silvia 1999 spec s 15 . it has had a auto to manual conversion and a s12 sr20det motor conversion with 5 speed box. i have blown my gearbox twice now from droping the clutch and is also a heavy duty clutch . in this case the main shaft in the gearbox torqued right...
  3. pegliobaglio

    car cover

    hi guys,i have been looking about for a semi tailored car covr,but there are so many different ones it s hard to chose,was just wondering if anyone has one they would reccommend at al? i am after a quite heavy duty one as the car spends most of its time outside atm,got around £100 to spend could...
  4. N

    clutch making this draggin noise when taking off

    hey guys , new to the forum and just want to suss out something. got a heavy duty aftermaket clutch cant rreally remember if its exceedy or something else but , clutch is making this dragging noise evrytime i take off , i asked the previouse owner of the car and he said its normal beacuse of the...
  5. T

    FS: S15 A/C Pump / Compressor.

    As above, removed in perfect working order. Quite heavy so £25 delivered.
  6. LuPix_S15

    Gearbox/Diff Oil & Brake Fluid Selection

    To save people asking the same questions and for those wanting to deviate from the norm for more 'high performance' choices, I'm going to list what I'm changing to in terms of gearbox/diff oils and brake fluid etc :) I don't want to start a 'which is better than the other' debate but this is...
  7. A

    What type of OIL do you use?

    hey guys, as a new owner of a nissan 200sx s15 Turbo spec-r, its in due of a service (5,000kms) wondering whats the best oil recommended? its stock, only running 10psi, no heavy mods. ive been told to use: -Castrol Edge Sport 5w30 anyone dissagree?
  8. Miss S15

    PJ-s15 pearlesentspec r (pic heavy)

    Here's the pics as promised Pj!
  9. DeanS15

    exedy hyper single paddle clutch and flywheel

    hi guys, does anyone have the above fitted to thier s15? reason i ask is i have just bought one for quite a good price and it is due to be fitted soon - gary from apt says it is quiet, not awfully heavy - but heavy and is quite user friendly for a paddle - does anyone have any more info that may...
  10. MrSilvia

    Good day ... all s15oc!

    Hi ... I am from malaysia. I own a pearl white s15 spec-R for more than 1 year. For the pass 1 year, I did fix some parts here & there. Currently, use as daily car & quite a mid heavy petrol drinker. :annoyed: Will post some photos of my babe later .... Gan bade .. mina san!
  11. D

    Silvia from NZ

    Hi Guys, here are some pictures of my S15, Spec R. Following are the few modifications: 1. Veilside Wide Body kit all around. 2. Work Equip 18"*10" at the back (265/35/18) & 18"*9" in the front (235/35/18). 3. Greddy Blow off Valve. 3. Greddy Inter Cooler Kit. 4. Greddy Wastegate. 5. Greddy ECM...
  12. D

    Clutch Kit need Help A.S.A.P

    hey all im looking into a new clutch for my S15 and i got offered $850 for a new flywheel, high tensial bolts heavy duty clutch, presher plate and bering do u think that is a good price ????????????????????????????