1. M

    Greetings from Cat City, M'sia :)

    Hi there! :wave: Just got my s15 spec-R last May. Came with 17 inch alloys, fibre hood, custom titanium catback. Was actually an auto. But converted to manual in Japan. Naturally id wanna do up certain stuff, find info etc. etc., then found this forum, hehe. Much good info here. Not to...
  2. mint

    Taking orders hehe

    Hey guys, i know im not a trader on here, but i dont plan on trading i just wanted to lend a hand. Basically im away back to Japan in May for another trip out (need some takata's for the pass side hehe!) Now basically i just wanted to know if there was anything you guys wanted back from Super...
  3. sushiming

    Whats the best ECU??

    hey guys its that time of year iam going on holiday Again hehe and yes hong kong again so looks like some shopping is in order lol:D and the main thing in the shopping list is a ECU also depending on cash hehe I think ive got a choice of HKS F.con Power FC E manage is there any others and...
  4. J

    How much longer will it take...

    for my car to turn from this... back to this... :( ------------- oh and a random photo - didnt wanna start a new thread for one foto so i'll just add it here..hehe 8)
  5. J

    S15 fuse diagrams

    hey - in need of it..where did that thread go..?!? hehe thanks!
  6. sushiming

    Look what I picked up today

    hey guys look what ive picked up today hehe should fit them soon
  7. sushiming

    Brought my self a Xmas present hehe

    Right guys after so much checking and emailing to find out if the recaro rails will fit my car and seat I've finally came to the decision To buy them they had to call me back and give me a price ?367 :eek: I was very checky and asked for discount of somekind hehe then she sadi ok i have a work...
  8. sushiming

    Game try it out

    hey guys try this game out.... Game its great hehe :D
  9. sushiming

    new banger keke

    :D what do u think hehe..... nice cheap runabout....
  10. sushiming

    Top spec Silvia keke =)

    Clicky hahaha its wicked hehe :D
  11. J

    Went for a drive one day and...

    twisty road deserted had camera handy ... couldnt help myself... hehe p.s. my friend helped me take it.. :D