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Greetings from Cat City, M'sia :)



Hi there! :wave:

Just got my s15 spec-R last May. Came with 17 inch alloys, fibre hood, custom titanium catback. Was actually an auto. But converted to manual in Japan.

Naturally id wanna do up certain stuff, find info etc. etc., then found this forum, hehe. Much good info here. Not to mention, many many crazy s15s as well.

The car's barely done up. No fancy kits, just small basic things that i covered to make the car that tiny bit nicer to drive :D wallet's kinda tight :p

Here's a pic of the s15 a fren took at his house: (sorry pics kinda dark, ill post some more later at the members' rides section)

There are still so many things id like to find out, like how much better the 296mm R33 gtst brakes are compared to the 280mm stockies, whether the extra 16mm makes a worthwhile difference and about braided lines etc. etc. hehe ill try to fish around for info before creating a thread lol

May the gurus show the green ones the way :notworthy:

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