1. matt1966

    my S15 SPEC S AERO.....

    HOW THE HELL DO YOU load photos ...lol
  2. spoonman

    RX7 Drift Mad Mike, Gets one of NZ's best mountain roads closed off just to go crazy

    When you are sponsored to hell and this good, you get this kind of thing offered to you..............
  3. spoonman

    Flash Mob Harlem Shake........... hell year

    thread delete .
  4. 70YSR

    New engine number... What the???

    So i took my car to the transport department today to get my engine numbers changed on there records... i had to show her the egnine number on the motor.. and she was like "wtf does that mean" apparently there is some weird symbols on it that she has never seen before... in the pic below its...
  5. adzsy

    FS: S15 Aero Front Bumpers

    I have just spoke to Andy at Aerokit and he said he would be looking into manufacturing the Aero front bumper late this year or early next year. However if 4+ people want one now he would get straight on with it. They offer a fitment guarantee too which you don't get anywhere else for a GRP...
  6. W

    Headlight Indicator Bulb

    Has anyone done this before?? I've done a search and not found anything about how to do this. Is there a how to guide :confused: It's impossible to get to the bulb from under the bonnet without taking all the arches off and taking the headlights off the car. Tried looking from underneath and...
  7. DeanS15

    passed first mot

    despite my worries on emmisions, the car passed its first uk mot with flying colours - no advisories:cool: he also commented that the emmisions were low as hell, which is probably testament to jezs mapping! de-cats now back on, heres to another year:D
  8. D


    I have been offered D-Max vented front wings for about £240. What do you think guys? Not about the price. but if they fit on my S15? will it look good or ugly as hell? Many thanks Daniel
  9. subzero

    headlight level adjust??

    failed my nct (irish car text) for dimmed beam being too high, remember reading a thread here on adjusting the level of the beam but cant for the hell of me find it. just dont want to be breaking something while messing with the light.
  10. mint

    Carbon Surround..

    As posted in the traders section.. Wud i be right in thinking its this one? http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/S15-CARBON-stereo-surround-t166572.html If not where the hell do you buy this from? Cheers -Mint
  11. irvs

    glanza V

    oh dear had the lend of a glanza V(1.3 turbo) for the weekend. running 1.5bar at 180bhp, im gonna be lousy and say im soo temped to buy one. the main reason so fast for such a small bean tin, bloody hell i had it go off the clock in 3rd gear and hell did 5th feel scary.hehe. but the ting that...
  12. slammedmind

    what the hell are these things?

    :rolleyes: all i need now is the damn car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:annoyed:
  13. J


    I have a set of smoked "Winkers" to fit (smurks at the word winker) Can someone let me in on the secret of how the HELL you get the old orange ones out?! Is it a wheel-arch-off jobby? :rolleyes:
  14. A


    My favourite rice mod so far :D Actually.. makes heal-toeing bloody brilliant. Love em. Actually... is there a part number for the left door sil garnish? My passanger one seems to have abit of rust/dirt/ i dunno what the hell it is on the end.
  15. S

    Last Gatebil 2006!

    Just got home from gatebil.. And got to say it was awsome!! the s13's and s14's was burning rubber as hell! disepointing that Kenneth Moen was not driving the beautifull S15 :cry:
  16. Nicely

    Nissan Triple Safety - full breakdown!

    What the hell is it?! Translation