1. bigk20

    Hello from Essex

    Hi Been after a s15 in white or grey for a while. I came across one which sva imports were selling, I inquired about them but the grey one had gone 😔 But they still had the white one really good spec and not to bad mileage for the price so I went to see it today. The car was dirty and the...
  2. B

    New to Silvias!

    Evening guys! I've recently deflected from Honda (I know, I know :P) with my Honda Civic Type R FN2. In replacement is a recently imported S15 (as I'm sure you guessed). I bought it for a pretty decent price considering it's condition! It was imported a year ago this month and had one Japanese...
  3. H


    Hi guys, new to the nissan scene but I'm starting to gauge an interest in them after acquiring some parts that I have for sale. Maybe in the coming years I'll own a rwd car instead of a honda :cool:
  4. I

    I am the Infidel

    Hello all, I am the Infidel and a proud owner of a Late 1999 Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R. I know its a late model cause its got the HID's. This is my first turbo car. Car laws in Australia are rather tough. I have owned a Honda Civic EG Breeze, Honda Civic FD2 Sport and a Honda Integra DC5 Type...
  5. B

    5.7 L V8 Honda S2000

    Just thought id put on some pictures of a project i was involved in a couple of months ago, We put a Corvette 5.7L V8 LS1 engine in my mates Honda S2000, it was quite a big project but the 3 of us (me, my brother and my mate who owns the car) got it done in just a couple of weeks just doing...
  6. ali619

    Where do you purchase your aftermarket parts?

    Just really a general question I suppose, where do you purchase your aftermarket parts from? Seeing as S15's are imports do you look at Japanese sites or uk sites? I know for my Honda I usually look at
  7. H

    Hello from London - Honda owner converted by RWD!

    Hi all, Been a huge Honda nut for the past few years, but after going out in a few drift cars I've caught the RWD bug! :wack: Here's my current Integra Type R, hopefully I will have a Silvia soon!
  8. S

    FS: ukdm dc2 championship white

    hi guys, new to the forum but i thought id start by trying to drum a little business up, in the form of selling my ukdm dc2, spec as follows: 1998 R reg, UK championship white Integra Type R 125,700 miles, but still drives as good as ever Full Honda and Honda Specialist service history 4months...
  9. M

    New Photos

    I was just taking some pics of my old car today to put it up for sale. So I thought I would take a few snaps of the s15 also since it has my new personal plates on there now. Thought I would post some of them up on here. :) This 96 Honda Accord was so so good to me. Although it...
  10. G

    Opinions on the Honda S2000

    Hey lads, Just wondering what people on heres opinion on the S2000 is. The last few months ive been thinking about getting one. do you think it suffers from the same image the MX5 has as being a 'hairdressers car'?? Ive never had a Honda so would appreciate peoples opinion that have a bit of...
  11. V

    new member from the wesht :D

    hows thongs evrybody the names dave and im from galway in ireland, i hav been surfing the site for the past few days and i think its very good, at least its not full of stupid posts like busier forums, i drive a civic coupe at the min but im set on having an s15r now:D im a typical honda...
  12. F

    Hi I'm Micah

    don't have a S15 YET, but I'm looking for one in Japan atm with some ppl that import japanese cars. As soon as we find something nice It'll get shipped over. just regged here to see what stuff is good to put on the s15 and what stuff to look at etc etc. so lemme introduce myself. I'm 19...
  13. S

    FS: Civic 1.8 Vti/VtiS 5 Door Hatchback

    Hello guys, Thought I'd give first refusal to you guys on here... Just got myself on a mortgage and my other half says either the Silvia or the Civic I want to sell this quick before she realises that the civic is more practical.. Here are the specs.. Engine 82k B18c4 1.8 DOHC VTEC...
  14. mint

    mints here!

    Sup Guys, :wave: Im mint from Scotland UK (Up near Aberdoom!!!) Anyways im on here for a bit of research an info etc. Im a honda owner just now, got me 2 civics. One is an EJ9 (1.4 SOHC) and the other is a EM1 (99 VTi Coop with a b16/b18 - Approx 200bhp) Anyways im onto my 4th Honda now...
  15. N

    Newbie from Kent

    Hey... Im Nick, and im planning on getting a new car... Now its one or the other, a sexy Honda s2000 or the lovely s15 spec R... Im looking at spending near the bottom of both price ranges which will be around 11k, so im hoping i can get a nice example for that, although I know it will be...
  16. S

    What a Honda feels like

    What a Honda feels like :)
  17. S

    Super Honda