1. JDM_virgin

    350z rear brembo offset

    Hi all, firstly I have searched high and low on here, sxoc and driftworks but can’t find exeactly what I’m looking for so hoping someone here can. i know a few people are running the above setup and I know that for mounting the caliper the knuckles need modifying. I have just bought a pair of...
  2. B

    Newbie Ireland

    Hi all, newbie from Ireland here! Currently bidding on S15's in Japan while hoping the missus doesn't find out!:D Have a few jap classics in my collection such as Nissan Skyline R32 GTR, Subaru Impreza V4 STI and currently hoping to add an S15!
  3. R


    Hi all, Recently joined the forum as I'm hoping to get myself an S15 in the very near future! Have previously owned a Civic Type R, Focus ST etc. but have wanted an S15 for quite a few years now. Have been looking for the right car for a little while and hoping that the right Spec R pops up...
  4. Floyd

    Defi advance BF turbo gauge problems

    Hey, So basically my gauge was playing up for a while due to the meter cable wires being exposed... I replaced the wire and currently it will boot up fine, LED's come on, needle resets... Then the LED simply turns off and wont come back on again? the gauge itself continues working as normal...
  5. S15Cro

    WTB: Nismo Clocks

    As above, I'v seen a few Silvia's floating around with Nismo clocks and was hoping if anybody was willing to sell? Cheers
  6. Packham

    New Owner, Gearbox/Clutch Making All Kinds of Noises. Videos Included PLEASE HELP!

    In the past week my gearbox has developed 3 different sounds! The first one is when I put the clutch down while in gear. http://vid1201.photobucket.com/albums/bb349/packham92/20140917_135701_zpspj8a6yh8.mp4 The Second one is a lot more quieter and happens when lifting the pedal up...
  7. W

    New from ireland (dublin) Hello everyone..

    Hi im craig im from dublin im just after getting a s15 in the past month... Had a s14 for a few months but nothing compared to the s15. Dont no much about these cars but will be hoping to learn more as i go along. Heres a picture of the car if it uploads.
  8. A

    Gearbox oil, 2 quarts/1.9L enough?

    Got all my oils & stuff for servicing, but realised I might not have enough gear oil, is 2 quarts/1.9L enough for the gearbox? I see some say 1.8L & others 2.0L for the gearbox.. I am hoping with 1.9L or to be more accurate 1.89L it would be a happy middle ground :D
  9. Nickichi

    WTB: S15 Bonnet

    Hi looking for a bonnet for my car after a prang this morning. Doesn't matter on colour, just hoping someone has changed to a carbon one recently :nod:
  10. S

    s15 interior - front seats and rear bench

    Anyone know what these are worth....may have someone interested in buying mine and I'm hoping to raise enough cash with the sale to buy a bucket and rail for the passenger?
  11. L

    New to the s15, not S-chassis.

    Hello all. I live in Japan with the US military and just traded my 1989 s13 silvia for a 2000 Spec S with a s13 SR20det. I'm hoping to learn more about the car and enjoy it as much as possible since it's the newest car I have ever owned haha. Pics coming soon!
  12. B

    Newbie looking for an S15

    Hi All, I am just about to start looking for my next car, I have decided on an S15 (a friend owned one and it looked incredible along with a decent dose of power when he planted his right foot) :nod: I am hoping to get my hands on a Pearl White 2002 Spec R (probably pushing my luck a little as...
  13. R

    Hello everyone

    Hi everyone im Richard from south UK and im 20 born in feb. Currently own a civic coupe. Been looking through this site for a while and thought i was a member but just realised i wasnt so thought i would join :) I dont have a silvia yet but i have wanted one for ages and will hopefully have...
  14. N

    Open Event: DWYB @ Santa Pod Sat 25th Feb

    Is anyone off here going to DWYB on the 25th? I've got a few bits to sort and am last minute again but hoping to be there, would be cool to meet people this time if they're there :D
  15. S

    Adding to my collection of jap cars....

    hey :D thought id sign up to see if i could find any info on a car iv just put a deposit on but haven't come across anything which im hoping is a positive.. took it for a test drive and loved it, its a spec R from SVA imports in Dover, looks to be in good nick, low miles, but has apparently...
  16. C

    New From Donegal Ireland

    Hey my names Matthew Im from Donegal in Ireland I have been into hondas for years and its all iv driven and done work to but after getting a run in a friends silvia iv sold up all hondas and decided to go for a knee-san i was originally out to get a ps13 and do a onevia conversion but with...
  17. ali619

    Hello everybody!

    Hello everybody, im the new guy around here, reside from Northern Ireland! I currently drive an EG6 SiR Civic, BUTTTTTT I intend for my next car to be a S15 :nod: hoping to get one in around 2/3 years time so im just on here to kinda built up my knowledge of these great cars!
  18. L

    Engine problem

    Last night I developed some weird noise from under the bonnet? It kicks in at about 2500-3000 rpm and carries on throughout. If I fully rev it, when I lift off there is a high pitched squeal. Hoping that It's not a big issue anyone got any ideas?
  19. B

    B9NKO's Spec S to Spec R Conversion

    Hi my name is Tom and ive only just joined this forum, ive liked S15's for a while now and got the opertunity to buy a Lightning Yellow Spec S Auto for a very resonable price in absolutely immaculate condition with just less than 49000 miles on the clock, ive bought the car with every intention...
  20. S

    Japfest 2010

    Hi all. Many of you going to japfest this year, 15th May? Is there going to be an S15OC stand there this year? Hoping to go, so long as I've got my 15 by then! Lol Mike