1. Sims77

    Grey on M6 Southbound Stafford

    Reg plate ended in VAO I think. It was about 30 mins to an hour ago. We were in a loud Accord Type R
  2. P


    How do! My names Pez, living in Stafford, I'm a resistance weld engineer... ...and I have no S ...but with any luck it will be on a boat in the next few weeks!! I've always been impressed with 'em, but after many an hour spent on Forza recently I fell in love with the S15 - my Spec S will be...
  3. W

    Best Oil Filter Removal Tool For The S15

    Please recommend me something tried and tested as its a pretty awkward place on these cars. Before anyone says it, I've already tried using my hands using rubber gloves for half an hour but didn't have any luck at all so gave up.
  4. sliding-r

    Misfire but now working again

    yesterday my car randomly started mis-firing and only running on three and made car shake. i could smell fuel inside the car. called the AA and waited for 2 1/2 hours and decided to try and start it again, and strangely it was absoluty fine again. so i decided to leave and called the AA off...
  5. D


    hay ythought i would regester on here because i have been having a few problems with my silvia l8ly its not a s15 but its got s15 engine if thats cool with u guys now i gonna just get it out in the open about JAE... yes i was the one that shattered 5 rockers after gettin a maping by steve...
  6. W

    Imports are such a pain when trying top find parts!!!

    Just an interior bulb that lights up the instrument cluster is all I require and me thinking oh this should be very easy to source from Halfords. How wrong was I!!! Been to nearly every automotive place in Preston and not one of them have the bulb I'm looking for!!!! Rang Nissan and the...
  7. Miss S15

    Can anyone with an s15 this min do me a favour?

    Hey peeps need a favour could one of you please measure the s on teh bonnet as I need to know the measurements asap within the next half an hour for my new tattoo Thanks
  8. sniffy

    dials not lighting up

    has anyone had the problem where you dials(speed revs) wont light up mind just went last nite for not reason drove the car parked up for an hour came back to the car and they wouldnt light up . im thinking fuse as the heater controls wont light up either as welll as the back licence plate light.