1. T

    Fitting front hubs.

    To fit the front hubs to the shaft of the hub knuckle do these require pressing on or should they just slip on initially with the nut to press them on the hole way. The reason i ask is that i have two brand new hubs to fit to the driftworks geomaster hub knuckles. Only when i mate them up...
  2. T

    Where to get my front hubs re-newed

    I found that one of my front hub bearings are shot. Is there anywhere in the uk that i can send them to get them re-newed?
  3. AllanOrr

    WTB: Genuine Steering Wheel, Hub & Snap Off

    Wondering I any of the Traders on here would be able to get any of these parts? Nardi Classic 330 Punching Leather Flat Type Steering Wheel HKB Sports S15 Hub Adapter (Air Bag) Works Bell Rapfix II Quick Release
  4. D

    need some advice VTI hub on s15

    Hi guys, Went to look at a s15 today that has had an engine rebuild. he had a receipt of a list of things that had been replaced big end bearings, pistons, etc... anyway there was a knocking sound coming from the engine when it was cold... on the receipt it said the VTI Hub had been replaced...
  5. T

    Rear Wheel Bearing and hub nut parts code needed.

    Does anyone know or know where i can find the nissan parts number for the rear wheel bearing and hub nut. I find myself in a bit of a dilema atm so any help wd be most appricated. O and found out that that the s14 hub nut is not the same as the s15 one for future reference for anyone. Cheers Alan
  6. zero260

    Spacer and wheel stud question

    I have just had a trial fit of my new wheels on my car and the fronts are tight up against the strut so spacers will be needed. They are 18x9.5 with a 30 offset and the coilovers are the Apex Gen2 ones. I know I can clear them a bit as the camber is slightly out but has anyone else had this kind...
  7. S

    Yoke spacer??

    Anyone know what this is? I heard J's Racing sell them. I think the purpose is to work as spacer for wheel by packing hub out??
  8. Darren_S15

    Front Hub Socket Size

    Can anyone tell me for sure what size nut the front hub has? I need to get one of the correct size and the only way for me to know for sure is to take the caliper and disc off, which I do not want to do before I do the job ideally. Any help would be great. Thanks :)
  9. G

    Rear bearing Part No.

    Hi Nicely, Is it possible to replace just the bearings only without the rear hub (with 4 holes)? I know the bearings had to be pumped into the hub using a press machine if I am not wrong. The bearing hub no. 43210-AA100 is this the correct one? Thanks in advance.
  10. justin666

    Spigot Hub size...??

    Does anyone know the hub size for the s15 offof the top of their head..??? Is it the same as the S14's 66.1mm???? Only reason I ask is that i need to get hold of some spigot rings for my new rimage and just trying to get a def "yes, thats the right ones" :nod::nod: Cheers J.
  11. S

    looking for a gud brake set up, discs and calipers

    hey all, i have a bad warp in my discs and am using this problem as an excuse 2 upgrade from stock, would really appreciate any help :thumbs: also ive heard that the gtr r33 has the same hub as the silvia, is this true ?
  12. M

    Hub carrier-identical to S14?

    As above really. Is the rear hub carrier the same part number on the S15 and S14? I want to fit a decent handbrake to mine, and I have S14 parts available to build it up off the car and then bolt it on as a unit, saving on down time. I assume it is, but just in case...... Thanks in advance :)
  13. J

    Rear Hub

    Can anyone tell me for sure is the rear hub carrier on S15 same as S14? Thanks in advance
  14. channie

    Anybody notice this????

    Dont know if this has been covered yet or noticed... but looking at the dynamic S15OC banner I observed this.... WTF!!!! Should have probably made sure the steering hub was done up properly!