1. K

    FS: Rein hard takumi exhaust,Moonface racing MFR exhaust chamber pro and Nardi

    Rein hard takumi stainless steel exhaust Full stailess steel 100E Super light weight come with de-cat £300 Moonface racing MFR exhaust chamber pro Full stainless steel £350 Nardi £130 Hub £50 wheel and hub £150 Collection in Birmingham only.(Can post at extra cost) Thanks for looking
  2. dave_t

    FS: Works Bell Short Hub Steering Wheel Boss Kit

    Item for sale: WORKS BELL S15 Short Hub Boss Kit Works Bell 629s Short Steering Wheel Hub S14-15 Z32 R33 R34 SKU. 07GNH | Part No. 056296 Description: Only removed due to selling the car, and reverting back to my 'non-dished' Nardi, so the normal full sized boss was refitted. This is...
  3. B

    FS: Wheel arch roller

    SOLD........... Paid £70 for this a few weeks ago, used twice and did exactly what I wanted it to do. £35 delivered This one included several different size spigot rings for perfect mounting on the hub unlike the cheaper ones I looked at Located Northwest Pete 07917 697574 Sent from...
  4. L

    Removing rear hub nuts

    Hi guys, just gone to tackle the z32 rear brake conversion and failed at first hurdle [emoji17] my drivers side hub nut is not budging, the other side went fine but I've got a 4ft scaffold pipe on my breaker bar and I ended up shearing my 1/2'' extension! Any tips? It's not a left handed...
  5. D

    Rear hub conversion

    Hi, I tried searching but couldn't find exactly what I was after. I'm interested in doing a rear R33 hub conversion in my JDM spec R but wanted to do all the research first. Can some one confirm I need all the following parts? -rear hubs and brake components -handbrake cables - rear suspension...
  6. Misiek_lbn

    WTB: Rear hub+bearing, passenger side

    My old bearing is making quite loud noise, so need to replace it, anyone here got a full hub with bearing in it? willing to buy ASAP
  7. NICKO

    WTB: 2X Front Hub Nuts

    Im looking for 2x front hub nuts for my S15, must been in good condition with minimal damage to the folding edge, cheers
  8. dave_t

    FS: WorksBell Short Hub Steering Wheel Boss Kit

    Item for sale: WORKSBELL S15 Short Hub Boss Kit Description: Bought this Brand New from FRPSPORT a few months back, and only recently fitted with my new vertex deep dish wheel. Decided to go back to my 'non-dished' Nardi, so the short hub boss is no longer needed. This is perfect for anyone...
  9. dave_t

    Front Hub Nuts (32mm) Who sell's them???

    Just replaced both front wheel bearings/hubs and need to replace the 32mm hub nuts. Nissan said it would be a 3 week wait! Anyone know where to pick some up? Also, the metal hub 'cap' that acts as a weather seal could do with renewing too if they are available
  10. M

    WTB: R33/R34 Rear hub assembly

    Hi Guys, I probably would be better off posting this in a skyline forum, but thought i'd ask just incase! I'm after a rear hub assembly from a r33 or r34, including handbrake cables. Calipers too if possible. Think its time i finally increase my breaking power and swap my single pot rears...
  11. Fruitbooter

    Can someone check something for me on your own S15

    After going for a decent drive (30min plus) normal driving and braking, can you see how hot your rear hubs get? (Just hand touch the top of the hub through your wheel) My driver side has been getting rather hot lately and I don't know if its normal because of the weather and heat here in the UK...
  12. I

    s15 Wheel spacer problem. Wobble in the steering wheel

    Installed some 20mm non hub centric wheel spacers, and i'm getting steering wheel shakes over 80kph. The bolts on the hub are grinded to make the spacer sit flush on both ends. I measured the spacer around after putting them on and all around the spacer measured the same... Pretty stumped on...
  13. I

    s15 Wheel spacer installed, steering shakes at 80kph+

    So i installed some 20mm non-hub centric wheel spacers, and they're solid quality but they're not hub centric. Everything is smooth until its over 80kph then i get some decent steering wobble. I measured the distance around the entire spacer and it all comes out even. I grinded down the stock...
  14. M

    front hub nut tourque

    i just got some doritech knuckles so need to know what the tourqe setting is for the front hub nuts actually is there somewhere i can print a full list of all the bolt torque settings. thanks for looking
  15. dave_t

    S15 Front Wheel Bearings

    bWell i went to fit my K-Sport front Brakes yesterday, i turned the hub by hand and found it quite hard to rotate. i put the wheel back on and rotated it at speed, and there was definitely a 'knackered wheel bearing noise'. although, in normal driving i have never once suspected it. Looking...
  16. S15_SAM

    WTB: Front wheel bearing/ hub needed

    My LH front wheel bearing has finally gone, so I need a 2nd had hub with a good bearing in it. Please!!!
  17. T

    steering wheel swap: horn issues w/ HKB and Nardi

    So i went to install my new (used) nardi classic. i have an HKB hub that the previous owner had. i stick the connector, the green wire, into the back of the horn button and as soon as the horn button touches the inner part of the metal hub the horn starts going off. any help would be greatly...
  18. M

    10mm hub centric spacers

    hey all. i need a set of 10mm hub centric wheel spacers for my s15, any one know where is best to get them from (cant see them in dw shop) and do i need longer studs for 10mm and how easy or hard are the studs to change. thanks matty
  19. J

    Project drift!

    hi, ive had this car a while now after buying it off cad (orignally Mr Lu's) i crashed back in November:- i couldnt bring myself to just leave it as that so i wanted to make her how she used to be, Even though ive owned it since june i really did feel bad that James had built this car and...
  20. Fruitbooter

    Hub nut wont go on..damaged thread.

    Just put everything back on my car and just my luck..I get to the very last thing the hub nut and it wont go on..:annoyed: Its deffinitly the drive shaft thread as both hub nuts go on the driver side but cant get one on the passenger side shaft. The thread must have got damaged somehow, ive...