1. C

    Something badly wrong with my car, Help!

    Happened about 3 months ago, as I accelerated away from a roundabout I heard a loud bang like something had snapped. Now I can put the car in any gear release the clutch and the car won’t move there’s a small rattling noise coming from the back of the engine/clutch area which you can only hear...
  2. M

    Join Date Mar 2016 Location Toronto, Canada Posts 0 Feedback Score 0 New Member Fro

    Oi! Been wanting to own a silvia for a long time. At one point, owned a 240sx s13 1989 (bought a parts car) and wanted to fix it up and go hit the track. Was in college at the time and ran out of funds, and re-sold it for funds. Finally working now full-time and looking to own an s15. I have a...
  3. Cess

    My trip to Japan

    I hadn't really planned a holiday this year and had been mulling over the idea of a visit to Japan for a long time. I'd always wanted to go and found the Driftworks video - Outsiders - a fascinating take on the country and the car culture. So, after a couple of phone calls with a mate and...
  4. S

    Oil changeI

    Did an oil change today. Used 4 litres of nulon 10-40w and when i checked the dipstick, it showed that the oil was pasted H. It wasn't between the lines, it was pasted H! So i tried draining a fair amount of oil out. Check the oil dip stick once again and it didn't even budge. (Yes i wiped the...
  5. Mycool

    Weird squealing noise

    Hi all. For about a week now ive noticed this weird whistle, squeal whilst driving my 15 but whenever i apply any preasure to the clutch it goes. Then it comes back again when i release the clutch. Does any of you have any idea what this could posibly be? Cheers
  6. K

    Can you give me a rough idea on value!

    Hi all I have unfortunately got to get rid of my s15 due to family circumstances and am gutted but wanted to know the kind of price I would expect to get. It's a S15 SpecR in pearl white with full aero kit. 87000 miles. Blitz intercooler Blitz Coilovers (not even done 1000 miles) Hks dump valve...
  7. shelb

    Gear knob Refurb (DIY)

    I got this gear knob free with a gear surround I bought, It was pretty shot but I hate seeing things go to waste so I thought I would do something with it. Forgot to take some pics but you get the idea lol
  8. Surfing Boris

    Dash cam

    Not sure if this is the right section for this post or not but I want to get a dash cam but having never bought one I am looking for advice as to what to look for or if anyone knows a good one to buy. They seem to be a great idea for the off chance the horrible happens and you've done nothing...
  9. D

    Wider front wings

    Any recommendations? Need around 30mm, looking around a lot don't come flush to the door, they step out. Not sure I like the idea, anyone got any pics of them fitted? Cheers :D
  10. M

    what is this thing ?

    sorry if i'm posting in the wrong section. but i just got a S15 and it has this thing that i have no idea what it is or what it does. do some one know what it is ? and let me know ? :) (sorry for bad quality pic)
  11. D

    Front Wishbone, any idea where i could find one ?

    anyone know of anyone selling a front left wishbone or where i could buy one from ? im all out of idea with the usual ebay and driftworks ect would be a big help if anyone knows? cheers,matt
  12. pegliobaglio

    FS: Wider vented front wings

    Hi guys, For sale I have a pair of new vented wide front wings. I bought these last year from ep racing as a project (the vents follow the swage line in the door was going to smooth the vent to look like rwb style) going for a full wide kit now so won't be needing these No idea on fitment as...
  13. Jaydej

    Crunchy second gear

    Hey people my second gear feels abit crunchy and the rest seems fairly smooth any idea of what it could be? how to fix?
  14. N

    Subframe thread issues

    Hi! Just wondering how you would solve this problem, asked some friends but noone has an idea good enough to try... Im out of ideas, please help me out!
  15. matt1966

    s15 spec s engine number

    hi guys any idea where the engine number is located..cheers
  16. John-

    First problem!

    Cutting a long story short, my windows keep not working, blowing fuses every time. I have found that engaging reverse blows the fuse. Another interesting thing is that the drivers side window is still working with the fuse pulled where as before it didn't, and only the drivers side window works...
  17. K

    French man :)

    Hello, my name is Marc, I'm 25 years old and I'm french :) I'm here because I search a s15 ! I was going to by a yellow one to "paulbrowncars" but I found bad news on it on internet. So I decide to leave this idea and search one here :) I hope to find one !
  18. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    engine knock? engine light?

    Hey guys so i've recently noticed my engine light coming on under high boost its not always on only when it gets to peak boost of whatever setting its on. I have 4 different boost settings lowest being 14psi highest 20psi. I've got to say this worries me I don't really have any idea why it's...
  19. S

    Silvermoss S15?

    I'm having my S15 re-painted in a month or so, and was playing with the idea of spraying it silvermoss. However, I have looked and cant seem to find one that has been sprayed that colour. Does anyone by any chance have one or a picture so I can get an idea of how I like it. Cheers, Austin
  20. S

    WTB: TPS + Plug and Loom

    I'm not entirely positive if I need the TPS or loom, or possibly both. Just seeing if anyone has one for sale so I can get an idea on pricing. I'll hopefully know by tomorrow on what I'll need.