1. mixvariety

    WTB: S15 non-aero fog light grilles

    As above, looking for a pair of fog light grilles (the ones to go with fog lights ideally, but will consider blanks), for the non aero spec bumper. Thanks!
  2. H

    WTB: ***wanted*** Full exhaust

    need a full Spec R exhaust inc elbow ideally
  3. mixvariety

    WTB: S15 exhaust - Greddy DD/Shotgun/Other

    As above, I'm looking for a new exhaust for my S15 - Ideally looking for a shotgun style exhaust (Greddy DD would be great, but I won't hold my breath!), but I'm open to suggestion on other exhausts. Not too big or offensively loud ideally. Let me know what you've got!
  4. JDM_virgin

    WTB: stock s15 injectors

    as above if anyone has swapped theirs out for bigger ones. ideally would like to buy just a couple
  5. Lil SpecR

    WTB: Standard passenger seat and rail.

    Must be excellent condition with standard non mutilated rail. Ideally fairly local to stoke on trent :)
  6. R

    Power Steering Pump

    So, after much tinkering I've come to the conclusion that my power steering pump has had it and I need a new one. Sadly finding one is another problem, I do no want an eBay Special and I don't really want to use a second hand one if I can help it. Does anyone know where I might be able to...
  7. H

    WTB: ***wanted Spec R side skirts***

    ideally in pearl white but any colour will do, can collect from more or less anywhere in the country
  8. Lil SpecR

    WTB: Spec R Aero

    Hello! Currently looking for S15 Spec R Aero, I have an importer looking too but it isnt looking promising so trying here in case a member is thinking about selling theirs :) Must be:... Low mileage ideally with Service history Have MOT NO rust anywhere Manual 6 speed Younger the better Spec R...
  9. F

    WTB: Spec R Diff

    Hi guys, After a helical diff with output shafts, and ideally driveshafts too. Cheers
  10. NICKO

    WTB: exhaust trade or PX

    I'm after a more sensible exhaust for my S15 as the current one I know is going to be too loud for neighbours when the car gets moved to the house :no: I currently have a japspeed cat back that's like brand new, no damage, no marks etc :cool: I would like to trade for something that ideally...
  11. J

    FS: Blue bootlid + aero spoiler SWAP for your flush one

    As the title states I'm after a flush boot lid (not one that's had the holes filled must be oem flushed ) ideally it it needs to be blue but may consider any colour if I get no replys collection / swap from Buckinghamshire thanks
  12. R

    WTB: Wanted - An S15 Spec R

    Okay, this is a long shot. Ive been doing my research and Im pretty sure I now have a buyer for my beautiful S2000. We have a baby on the way so we needed something with 4 seats, we got a megane. However, would be nice to be able to go out in daddys toy as a family as well. I really fancy an...
  13. dave_t

    WTB: S14/14a shell wanted (rolling)

    As title, Advertising wanted for a friend of mine - need a s14/14a shell, to re-shell his s14 which has sustained damage to the rear quarter. For ease of transport, it must be rolling Must be straight, Minimal rust. ideally with all glass If anybody has one please get in contact with me...
  14. J

    FS: Wind deflector

    I have an s15 drivers side wind deflector for sale £35, would ideally like it collected as its quite fragile
  15. R

    WTB: S15 Spec R Hellical Diff SWAP 2 WAY

    as title please ideally in casing
  16. V

    WTB: WANTED: S15 passenger wing and passenger HID headlight

    Hi guys, Still trying to get hold of a passenger wing and HID headlight. Ideally the wing would be pearl white. Cheers.
  17. C

    FS: Spoilerless boot lid

    I've managed to get my hands on a spoilerless boot lid in WV2/Sparkling Silver. It's got a few chips around the edges and couple of scuffs but is straight and free of rust. Will get some pics up at the weekend. Ideally could do with a respray to get it perfect again which can be arranged (any...
  18. C

    WTB: s15 S spec Daily

    Hello, I've owned plenty of s-bodies, a couple of rx7s and a few BMWs. Now I want something nice as a daily but I'm stuck in traffic most mornings, plus with all the bad luck I've had with turbo cars ideally I want something that's under powered so its unlikely to breakdown on me or to be...
  19. C

    FS: SSR Professors 17x8 +29 & 17x9 +37 - Swap/Sale

    Have a set of 4 SSR Profs 8 + 9J. Nice stainless dish and the middles are a sort of Cherry/glitter red. You may have seen them on James Lu (LuPix) car. will get pictures up soon. VGC. Looking for 18" Rotas Ideally but will sell to buy £950 The image above is before they were put on. Now...
  20. S


    Steve Sadler here from... well most of you in UK & Ireland know who I am, mainly on DW but I thought id introduce myself anyhow Just considering stepping up one of my 3 Nissans (the 14a) up to a S15 and importing one over if I cant find what I want here Im looking ideally for a BONE STOCK...