1. C


    I'm interested in importing an S15 Spec-R hopefully next year. Does anyone know of any good importers within in a reasonable distance of Cambridgeshire? Torque GT I know have a great reputation but they're too far from me really, so if anyone knows of somewhere a fair bit nearer to me I'd really...
  2. Lil SpecR

    Hello! UK based and seeking to import an S15!

    Hi all! Just popping over here to say hello. Not got an S15 yet, currently looking for my perfect model :nod: but once I have her I will no doubt bore you all silly about her and show off photos etc :thumbs: Just a couple of questions really... 1 - what are meets like? I know its a rare car...
  3. M

    Hey guys ! Love this forum !

    I currently own a mitsubishi mirage Ce and have done small DIY mods, it was my first car and am looking to upgrade to a Silvia S15 Autech as I'm still on my P's, if any one can give me some info on: -Trustworthy Sydney importers -Things to look out for when buying one -and anything else you can...
  4. pegliobaglio

    miles convertor??

    Hey guys,quick question for you. My speedo has been converted to mph,but my odometer seems to still be reading in km,will this still be accurate or should I look into having it converted to miles? Don't know why it hasn't been done by the importers........
  5. D

    New User Here, Howdy

    Hey everyone. Was informed to join by Topper. Used to own a S13 and have been toying between a RX7 and a S14/S15 for the last little while. I had never actually seen a S15 up close, or get a chance to look around it, but he was kind enough last night to do so. Im converted!! I want a S15...