1. B

    Anyone had dealings with Yamato imports garage

    Was wondering if anyone has baught from vining salhotra Facebook page is Yamato garage imports. liked a car he is selling but can't see any feedback worth speaking about.
  2. N80Jamie

    FAO Limitless Imports - Inbox Full

    As per title dude! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. J

    Warning to potential buyers

    A Current Affair on Odometer Tampering in imports:
  4. S

    Lots of new bits on route from japland :)

    Have my shipment of parts on route from the mother land hopefully be here next week courtesy of Matt at Limitless Imports ;)
  5. F

    Hello from the Isle of Wight

    Hi everyone just thought I would join up and say hi. I'm currently toying with the idea of an s14 or an s15. I have seen a nice Yellow S15 down for sale at SVA imports. Does anyone know the car or could should any light on her...
  6. C

    FS: Wind Deflector Group Buy - Limitless Imports

    Matt from limitless imports over on the SXOC is doing a group buy. I asked if he'd do a group buy on these if there was enough interest on here, so its up to you guys. This is what he's said: All in Delivery including tax UK price is : £140 Add an extra £15 to non UK countries So if your...
  7. M

    Just a quick question.

    Hello all, Only rescently joined and im hopeing for a s15 within the next year or two. Ive been looking on the usual sites for cars such as autotrader and the like and imports look much better value. I was just wondering from experience how much would a Spec S or an Autech be to import to the UK...
  8. M

    FS: Madcap Imports S15

    Time has come folks please see link............
  9. W

    newbie from bristol. uk

    hi all my name is chris and i am from bristol. i am currantly carless. well i have a ford ka at the mo after selling my evo 8. i have been looking on the site for a while now and thought i would sign up and meet you all. i am looking for a s15 at the moment but not to sure on specs etc. i have...
  10. W

    Imports are such a pain when trying top find parts!!!

    Just an interior bulb that lights up the instrument cluster is all I require and me thinking oh this should be very easy to source from Halfords. How wrong was I!!! Been to nearly every automotive place in Preston and not one of them have the bulb I'm looking for!!!! Rang Nissan and the...
  11. G

    USA Imports

    Im from the states and I really love the Silvia S15 My plans right now are to get a 240SX (S14) and do a S15 front end conversion on it but it still isn't as good as having a S15 I was wondering if anyone knew a company who imports S15's or Skyline R34's to the USA
  12. W


    Well after a Fort Knocks of a registration its finally good to get here. :wave: Miss S15 pointed me here. So shame on her for those of you who I wreck the head. lol Im Wez. I sell cars for a living & do some drifting in my spare time. Bit of an "S" chassis freak hence Im here.
  13. D

    Vrt In Ireland.

    I take ye know after next week s15s and all jap imports the vrt is going up so i take it few fresh imports will be sold which means ours will hold there value well. Corect me if im wrong!!! :rotfl:
  14. A

    S15 at SVA imports. This car looks good to me, i think i want it. But ive read a bit of bad stuff about SVA imports on here when i searched for them, are they that bad? Anyone live close to where they are? Alex
  15. D

    question for s15 owners in malaysia

    as im getting transfered there to work im thinking whether i should ship my s15 there or get another one there if i go for the second option, how and where i find s15 imports and aprox how much r they for a decent km, non modified stocky? cheers :>
  16. S

    SVA imports

    Has anyone used these guys before. i was looking at this little number all info appreciated
  17. U

    Whats Up?

    My name is Travis and i live in North Carolina. I have been into imports for a while and i am trying my hardest to get a s15. I had an AWD Eclipse and sold it. I am looking for something that not everyone on the street has. If anyone can help me out with some leads on where i can go and look for...