1. Carta

    Softer suspension

    Hey guys! Just a quick one, I run CST coilovers and I am finding that they are too harsh to use every day. Im wondering what would be my best bet to change to to improve the ride quality. My car isnt stupidly low so thats not an issue Thanks
  2. pegliobaglio

    1 piece driveshafts??

    Alright guys, Knackered one of my shafts the other day and when I was looking around found somewhere that makes 1 piece aluminium and steel driveshafts,just wondered if anyone had any experience with 1 piece shafts? The way I see it is they should improve spin up with the only downside being...
  3. P

    headlight adjustment

    hey guys i have fitted some hids and have really noticed my beams are wey too low on one side so i want to even them up. only thing is i have no idea which bit/s to adjust to improve pitch of beam. pictures would be great
  4. D


    Right, i've got R33 brembo's to go on my Silv'.... And... i've got an R32 GTR BMC.... What i wanna know is, are these and the z32 ones the same? or, if not, will it still do the same job and improve things?
  5. D

    Slam Panels or Cooling plate

    I think there nice and said i would show them to ye. ?185 These stunning carbon fibre panels help improve air flow throuugh your radiator and therefore improve cooling efficiency. The cover the front panel of your Silvia / 200SX and extend all the way to the grille / head lights. Being...