1. Alex De Large

    Horn not working

    Well, my MOT is due for renewal and I noticed that my horn doesn't work. I've checked the fuse, it has a new relay, tried a different spring clock, different horn button, tested the horns themselves and checked the wiring in the wheel arch incase my tyre has been rubbing on the loom and it looks...
  2. Mezza

    Rear Disks

    Out of interest are S14 rear disks the same as S15? I'd imagine not but wondered just incase! Thanks :D
  3. Mike

    Harnesses. What's the score?

    After buying James Brides for a upcoming project I've spent most of today looking into harnesses and the do's and don't. Those of you that run them, what was your opinion on 4/5/6 point ones? Pro's cons? From what I've read so far the angle for the back straps is the main issue as not to...
  4. mint

    WTB: Hazard Switch

    Yup just incase! :rotfl:
  5. N

    FS: S15 Service Manual Discs

    I have service manuals for the s15 sr20det if anyone is interested can post , on disc , found it very handy doing repairs, just said id mention it incase anybody is interested!!!!!!!