1. S

    FS: complete fuel system - Border rail fuel rail, Sard 850cc injectors, Sard FPR + lines

    As per title, selling my complete engine bay fuel system including Border racing fuel rail for Black top SR20 and Sard 850cc injectors, Sard FPR and fuel lines as I'm going down a different route. looks like this one (couple of post down): fuel rail install for sr20det - Rail is...
  2. JDM_virgin

    WTB: stock s15 injectors

    as above if anyone has swapped theirs out for bigger ones. ideally would like to buy just a couple
  3. JDM_virgin

    Uncapped S15 injectors

    I have read this is a common mod on subaru injectors and they can make up to double the flow rate with good spray pattern with no drilling. Stock s15 injectors uncapped flow between 750-760cc. just wanted to know if anyone has tried it? Also if anyone has stock ones they want to get rid of as i...
  4. FreakensNL

    Z32 AFM advantage on stock injectors?

    He guy's, I've got a pretty stock spec-R and am going for a tune next month, got the following basic upgrades: 3" turbo-back FMIC Boostcontroller Fuel pump, plugs, splitfire coils, RAS, BOV, etc. Stock (480cc) injectors Now the big question; Will a Z32 AFM do anything for this setup?? I was...
  5. Rich

    What BHP Should I Expect?

    Hi, brief spec of the car as follows:- - Tomei manifold and elbow - FMIC - Walbro 255 - Superspark coil packs - Gizzmo boost controller running 1-1.2 BAR - Nistune mapped by Greg @ Protuner - Full 3" exhaust system with decat - Blitz induction kit Stock MAF, fuel pressure regulator and...
  6. H

    Injector upgrade. Driveable to tuner?

    Hi. Im in a bit of a situation here. Time to fit JECS 550cc injectors, but will the car be driveable to the tuner? Only changed new mod that will be done, at dyno a z32 maf will be fitted aswell. Car is today tuned with apexi pfc, 0.95bar stock injectors, r34gtr fuelpump, pod, full 3"...
  7. H

    Hello from Sweden!

    Been on here for a while lurking around but never did I introduce myself. My name is Daniel, 26 and living in sweden. I had my S15 for 1.5year now and tried to rescue it from the previous owner :) Made some basic mods, like pod, 3" exhaust, coilpack, exedy clutch, nismo engine and...
  8. Johnny

    WTB: Injectors 555 or 440 for sr20det

    Hi I need them for sr20det, it could be from s15 440 or 555 in good condition cheers
  9. C

    WTB: (wtb) stock injectors

    Like in trade looking for stock silvia turbo injectors Posible trade for 550cc
  10. J

    s15 chip ecus?

    Morning guys, Ive searched but cant find any answers, are there any staged chip ecus (like the hdev ones for a14a) for an s15, that take into account the larger injectors and different turbo on our s15s? Also, is it a bad idea to fit s14 injectors, and run a stage1a hdev s14a chip on my s15...
  11. S

    WTB: Standard injectors.

    I'm looking for a set of standard s15 spec r injectors if anybody can help. Preferably in good working order. Thanks.
  12. R

    FS: 4 x Nismo 740cc Injectors With Rail.

    Was looking at getting some more power but have decided to leave the car as she is and put the money into my business. So these need to go. I bought them on SXOC, they've done 2000 mile before I bought them. 4 x Nismo 740cc Injectors With Rail. Collection or Posted £280 + Paypal Fees or Gift...
  13. K

    FS: Apexi FC, Blitz Boost controler, Nismo 555cc injectors, Z32 MAF

    Apexi FC, Blitz SBC Boost controler, Nismo 555cc injectors, Z32 MAF Apexi FC with controller. £500 Blitz boost controller with dual Solenoid Boos Valve. £380 Nismo 555cc Injectors. £320 Z32 MAF. £85 Or buy everything for £1100...
  14. D

    WTB: Spec R 440cc injectors

    First off I wanted to know for how much these go? So I can take that price in consideration of buying an engine. So I would like to know at what price I should look at and if anyone would have them for sale?
  15. Havoc

    FS: Nismo 440cc injectors

    NOTE: Ignore title these are Fully working set of 4 S15 480cc injectors. Not nismo. £100 delivered. think thats right? seems to be what thye been going for... " @mrkerr #catchmydrift @downside_apparel #teamdsa "
  16. Havoc

    Bolt on a 2871r?

    Apologies if this has been covered already! But all I could find was old for sale threads and builds.. Anyway.. Question being can you replace the standard 28r with a 2871r using the standard ECU, injectors and AFM or do any or all of these need to be upgraded to run one? Cheers!
  17. C

    WTB: Standard S15 Injecors

    Hi all As the title says, need standard S15 injectors please. Have to be S15 not from any other S bodies. Thanks. S
  18. C

    FS: Sard 550cc injectors.

    Have for sale a pair of sard 550cc injectors perfect working order, easy enough to get another pair so grab a bargain. £125 posted. Can get pics if required but we all know what injectors look like.
  19. spoonman

    FS: Sard 550cc injectors / Apexi intake with SR adapter / D1Spec Speed Cut remover + more

    Will accept paypal SARD (Denso) 550cc Injectors, just been cleaned and flow tested. $350 NZD ($200 EURO )(175 GBP) [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] Apexi intake with SR adapter. $80 NZD ($50 EURO) (40 GBP) SOLD [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] D1Spec Speed Cut remover $80 NZD ($50 EURO) (40 GBP)...
  20. dudley97


    ok i was wondering if someone on the forum could help i have a s15 and i want to start gettting the car some power she deserves i want to run around 330 to 350 horsepower i currently only have an apexi induction kit an apexi exhaust and unfortunatley i have only got an s14 turbo which was a bit...