1. D

    Boost too low?

    Hey guys, Last your I swapped my sr20de for a spec R sr20det engine. After driving it the first time I was a bit dissapointed because I did not get the power I was hoping for. I installed a boost gauge and noticed that it only got up to 0.3-0.4 bar. I just and rechecked the whole systems for...
  2. M

    Powerhouse amuse hi tech Rom s15

    I've just had a nistune installed so this is for sale.
  3. S

    FS: OEM Radiator

    Item for sale: Original S15 Radiator Description: Unless it was changed in Japan its done 100k miles, no leaks when I removed from the car and has been stored safely. Reason for sale: I've installed a Koyo so no longer required. Price: £50, no returns. Thanks, Matt.
  4. S

    Malware warning?

    Not sure if this is the right place, but when I installed Opera this evening to have a mess about I got the following warning when trying to load the forums.
  5. T

    Another new owner from Canada

    Hey guys, just thought I would introduce myself! I recently picked up this S15, I'm the first owner to have it in Canada, I bought it bone stock I have since installed a Power by max High mount intercooler, tein HE coils, wedsport wheels, Haltech platinum pro ECU (being installed and tuned this...
  6. M

    S15 Standard Clutch Fan Correct Facing Direction?

    Howdy, Does anyone know how to check whether my clutch fan has been installed properly? Which way do the fans face? Are there any markings on the fan to tell you which way it should be installed? I cant see the any markings on them as I currently have the fan shroud on which blocks my view a...
  7. Cess

    Head unit installation/aerial issue

    Since I installed my HU in the 15, I've suffered from terrible radio reception. Now I think its something to do with the aerial needing a powered feed. Is this correct? If so, how is this done?
  8. Jay-pan

    FS: Nismo GT LSD 2way.

    Hi guys, just removed what i believe is a Nismo 2way diff. Comes with new bearings and bearing rings, works spot on and very easy to kick the back end out with it. Only removed it as my S15 is an everyday car and felt it was too much effort to have Looks in great condition and works how it...
  9. S

    Apexi PowerFC or Something Else????

    I currently have an Apexi PowerFC installed in my S15. It was already installed in my car when I purchased it. I'm not a big fan of having the controller loosly sitting around in the car (I am going to have it velcroed somewhere so that it is out of the way). I was wondering if anyone had any...
  10. fadli256

    Speedometer stopped working

    My speedometer just died on me :(. Everything on the cluster still works including my odometer. I can still get a speed readout on my pfc hand controller. Havent had a de-limiter of any kind installed according to my mechanic (no spliced wires) Any input would be great guys. Thanks :)
  11. sjt47y

    fuel pump + fuel collector tank

    hi Guys i have a question for the more experienced owners. I bought some 800cc topfeed injectors & rail and have installed the 2871r. I am trying to push 400+ bhp. in view of this, I was recommended to have a fuel collector tank. Its the one where u have commonly installed in the boot...
  12. LuPix_S15

    HKS SSQV Installed: Video + Question

    Folks, Managed to grab some time this morning and ripped out the Blitz BOV which was welded to the hotpipe - replaced this with OEM black hotpipe. Then continued to remove the OEM re-circ system and replaced this with the SSQV kit I bought from SRB Power :) However, I didn't get enough time...
  13. silviatub

    S14/S15 Greddy Intercooler Kit Installation Manual

    Hi Mates, Does anyone have a softcopy of the above mentioned manual? Apparently, the vaccum hoses have been wrongly installed and i need to get them rectified. Thanks in advance. :thumbs:
  14. J

    where have you installed your Gauge & controllers?

    Hi all, any pictures of where you installed your gauges, controllers etc? I need to tidy up my dash, theres stuff all over the place, so im looking for some inspiration:thumbs:
  15. S

    SillbeerS15's small update

    Christmas came early for me this year.....cheers everyone! Recently installed the following: 1. HKS F-CON V Pro 3.24, with map selector and launch/antilag control. 2. HKS 740cc injectors. 3. HKS Twin Power. 4. HKS 100mm Suction Kit. 5. HKS EVC (VI). And tuned..... Following are some pics to...
  16. hoodooyoudo


    Hiya.. the name's David, and I hail from Wellington in New Zealand. I've got a pewter '99 JDM S15 Spec S V package which is in the (very) early stages of becoming an SQ project. I don't have a current pic of the car, but the last one I did take is Not...
  17. S

    fitting a remote start car alarm !!

    hey all !! i got a Preditor Evo 4 alarm with remote start, and i was wondering if any1 has installed 1 before ?, or any pics of 1 been installed ? not 100% sure on which wires to add in on wen it coms to the ignition nd the central locking !! and which wire on the alternator do add into ...
  18. J

    Help with installing HID kit

    I have just bought a Jap HID kit and one of the relay kit from Cookie. But there are no diagrams what soever from both of the parts. There are so much wires from the relay box :confused: , and I have not got a clue how to wire them up. Can somebody give me some advice, I think a some of you...