1. M

    Instrument Cluster

    Anyone got a solution to brighten up the instrument cluster. Unless its totaly dark the standard lamps are totaly useless.
  2. M

    instrument cluster brighness

    hello all, just wondering if there is a way to brighten up my instrument cluster as its very dim at the moment. i have changed the 18 lamps on the back but i think they just light up the individual warning lights, thanks
  3. meddler

    instrument cluster lights

    Guys, This is a bit of an odd question, has anyone got a picture of their instrument cluster with all the indicator lights lit up? I would like to see what light is where. Specifically the fog light indicator and also what are spare holes (ones that don't do anything). Due to mine being an...
  4. A

    Instrument Dials Not Turning On?

    Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on what I should check if the instrument dials are not turning on (as in they don't light up when you flick the switch).... They were working previously, would it be something to do with the earth?? Thats a pic of the dials I'm talking about :D Boost...
  5. S

    s15 instrument panel plugs

    hi guys, right i would apperiate any help on this at all :nod::nod: i need to now what each pin is for. the plugs on the back of the instrument panel. i could do with knowing the colour of the wire and what they are for. i now some can cant work the rest out from the manal.:annoyed: please...