1. J

    FS: S15 HKS Super Power Flow intake

    Selling my HKS intake for an S15, although I believe it will fit an S14. All the parts are here, and the filter has approximately 5000 miles on it, so doesn't need replacing yet. Looks good and sounds wicked. Sold
  2. Saxon

    WTB: Stock Air Intake

    Hi all, Looking for a stock air intake, in particular the snorkel bit at the front. I have the stock airbox but it only has a small bit of pipe coming out of it facing the bonnet which the snorkel piece attaches to. Cheers!
  3. S

    FS: Spec S ARC style intake pipe.

    Got an s15 spec S (sr20de) ARC style intake pipe here. It's painted in satin black crinkle paint, the paint finish is not great and it has a couple of small dents in it... Still works as it should though and will come with the rubber pipes. Open to offers. Collection preferred (PL26) or I can...
  4. Shorty

    FS: Minty.Fresh Banana S15

    Minty.Fresh S15 I am 100% sad to put my pride and joy up for sale. Only genuine enquiries. 1999 Nissan Silvia s15 Spec S SR20DE (NA) Miles: Check when I am home Mod List HSD Coilovers XXR 526 (17x9/17x10) Unknown Exhaust Vertex Kit D-Max Roof wing D-Max Boot wing D-Max LED Smoked tail...
  5. laimis

    FS: For sale Autech exhaust manifold,ARC intake

    S15 NA SR20DE FGK exhaust manifold 150GBP. ARC super intake chamber 60GBP
  6. NICKO

    FS: S15 Goodies inside!!

    Up for grabs are bits from my S15 :nod: moving on to bigger top mounted goodness so want this stuff out the way :D First up is a Horsham developments manifold, been used for around 2k miles and no cracks or repairs etc :nod: comes with used turbo locking tabs and locking nuts very good...
  7. Jay-pan

    What next GT3076R...

    Running this turbo and supporting mods on a FC commander currently at 1bar (370bhp) was 1.5bar (430hp) but what cams would be good for this setup? After mid to high power. spec greddy intake manifold greddy intercooler 740cc injectors 4" intake mafless 4"x9" K&N filter top mount with 44mm tial...
  8. N

    WTB: T28R

    So my turbo decided it would like to break last night, Nasty grinding sound, also wheel stopped when i looked at it with the intake off :annoyed: Anyone have one asap please?
  9. R

    Metal Intake Pipe

    Hi guys, Looking to get a metal intake pipe for my S15, noticed a few people here using them. Am I right in assuming most people just get them fabricated? Or is there an actual supplier? Any help would be great, Thanks :)
  10. spoonman

    Intake Manifolds, Discussion about pros & cons factory V aftermarket

    I would like to get anyone thoughts opinions about intake manifolds, as where does the factory one restrict? and how does it restrict? do greedy ones help? are Chinese replicas any good, what about mazworx and other really expensive ones ones? Please relate your experience and findings.
  11. Nissan_S15

    S15 SR20DE Uprated ARC Air Intake Pipe Fitment?

    Hey guys, Ive just seen the following ARC air intake pipe on ebay, which I know rarely show up often, but just wanted to confirm whether or not that it would fit my S15 spec S? Only reason I ask is that the ad states its for an S14 SR20DE/180sx, which I believe the S14 engine is a similar...
  12. Auss15

    Lost in translation

    Have to love the Japanese English translation of text... ■The limited model which pursued total performance. ■It is exclusive design classified by type of each car with carbon intake duct. ■K&N four layers wet cotton filter adoption. ■The maintenance can make long life works. The intake...
  13. gaz15

    Stainless intake pipe

    Anyone know where to get the stainless intake pipe for the OEM AFM ? I emailed apexperformance, they only have the intake pipe for the Z32, They have discounted the OEM one :down:
  14. Jaydej

    First mods advice

    Hey everyone, I been looking at mods and I'm not sure what is the best starter mods, I'm torn between intercooler and intake or full exhaust and manifold. what are your opinions? Or is there different mods I should start with?
  15. P

    ADM/NZ S15 turbo differences to JDM

    I have just been looking at my friends copy of 'Forced Induction Performance Tuning' by A. Graham Bell. I believe the author is Australian. The book contains a bit about the gains they made to an S15 turbo by just making breathing mods (intake and exhaust). According to the book their car had...
  16. JDM_virgin

    WTB: GReddy RZ BOV flange

    long shot but I need a T flange to fit said BOV to my intake
  17. Jay-pan

    HKS recirculation

    Just fitted the kit to my first gen HKS SSQV, but i am not getting any noise at all now. Just like a blow of air, mate had one and still go a chatter. Anything that i have done wrong? set up from my cold intake side, pipe run over to my intake section on the air filter pipe.
  18. T

    FS: GReddy RB25DET Intake plenum

    I got this GReddy Rb25DET intake plenum for sale. I know some on here have RB25 conversions so its worth a shot ;) The plenum will not come with the throttle body pictured but just as is. The top side of the plenum has been polished. Asking 500gbp
  19. Max

    WTB: someone to weld ali pipes for custom I/C and Tomei Poncam Intake Cam

    Hi, as title really. Putting in a Greddy I/C but upside down for shortest pipework (and it already has mounts for it but no pipes.) Can anyone help, or know of someone who can based in the south of England? I'm in Reading. Also after a Tomei intake Poncam if anyone has one laying about! Got an...
  20. S

    Estimating Torque

    Hey fellow s15 owners, quick question. Without obviously dyno'ing your car, is there such a way to determine a reasonable estimate of how much torque you would have? making 393bhp @18psi, anyone have close enough power to that to tell me a rough guess? cheers guy, picking the car up on friday...