1. Joeh

    It's that time of year again! Japfest 2018

    Are you ready for Japfest 2018? The winter days are slowly fading, the roads are drying up (except for the random snow :ohwell:) the sun's out and its nearly time to get the car out of the garage again if you haven't already done so! So why not take the opportunity to meet some new people and...
  2. D

    Newbie from ireland

    How's everyone getting on. Danny here from cork in the south of Ireland for ye who have not heard of it. Currantly have a altezza. Now that I've finished collage and have few euros put away I  Have been playing around with the idea of getting a nice weekend car, was looking into jab ae86, 180sx...
  3. AreOhWhy

    Greetings from Canada!

    Hello everyone! My name is Roy (AreOhWhy... get it?) and I am saying hello from Toronto, Ontario. Our importing laws restrict us from importing S15's or any JDM car unless they are 15 years old... which makes them importable next year! I currently own a S14 Zenki but I am looking towards...
  4. U

    Unique Car Club UK

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone will be able to help? We have a car club called 'Unique Car Club UK' which specialises in all car clubs and car lovers around the UK. Our previous website was closed due to inactivity so we have opened up a new forums so we can get everyone active once again...
  5. R


    Hello all, have been a 200sx owner since 2005, recently picked up an S15, and decided to join. :wave:
  6. D

    s15 owner from irl

    Hi names jason been on and off the site for few months thought since i got s15 now id join up! :)
  7. S

    Greetings from Surrey

    Hey guys Currently the proud owner of a 2008 Alfa Romeo 159 Ti, but will be getting a new job soon that doesn't require driving and i'm wanting something a bit more "me" ;) I was looking at 350z's which i quite like, but i think i want something a bit more exclusive :) always loved the look...
  8. JaseYpk

    Headlights Cutting Out!!

    Howdy! Latest defect with my car.. The headlights cut out for a split second when i hit some(not all) bumps in the road, and also cut out randomly for a few seconds whilst driving. Not very nice on a black motorway doing motorway speeds. scared the life out of me haha. Anyways, its obviously a...
  9. W


    Hey lads and ladies My name is Pa and im from Ireland. Had a 15 for a while and been on here on and off so said id join up and have a chat. Talk to ye soon
  10. S

    newbie from cork

    hey lads, dont have an s15 but love them so said id join, cheers
  11. N

    newbie from england

    hey peeps just thought id say hi as i own a 200sx s14a but i am after a s15 so i thought id join and see what i can get thanks nick:thumbs:
  12. O

    n00b here!

    Hi all, nice to meet you. My name is Oli and im from NSW. was trauling through teh internetz and found your forum so i thought id join. hope to catch you guys around sometime!
  13. S

    Howdie !!!!

    Saw a sticker for this site on a 15 that i saw at a car show yesterday so said id join in on the fun, talk soon. :wave:
  14. D

    another NZ member!

    hey everyone,im new. my name is Dayna-Maree i own an 2001 nissan silvia s15 spec R.currently on its way over from japan so its taking its time :( thought this would be a great group to join to get to talk to other S15 owners! feel free to message me anytime i would love to get to know you all!
  15. irvs


    woho im drunk and i can type thats a any one else venture out and join the drunkers club/
  16. A

    Hi ppl am from brunei =)

    Hi just join this forum and please to know you all Cheers
  17. J

    RWYB: Sun 3rd Sept - Santapod, Northants

    Just wondered if any of you fancied a light-hearted RWYB at Santapod on Sept 3rd? :) I'm going with Emma (in our own cars) - thought at least Ming and Dazzo might like to join us! Maybe Nicely could make the trip too? Post your interest here... :thumbs: