1. dave_t

    FS: MOOG K9820 Ball Joints x2 (Brand New) - S14/S15 Front & Rear Fitment

    Item: Pair of MOOG K9820 Ball Joints (Brand New) - in S14/S15 fitment. I can confirm they fit both the front, and rear arms. I replaced all 4 ball joints on my S15 with these MOOG K9820 Ball Joints, and i bought another pair for fitting into a pair of Extended front Lower Arms. Unfortunately i...
  2. tooley

    FS: Part Shop Max Super Steering Angle Knuckles and Lower arms

    Hi All, Selling my old setup. S14 knuckles with the ackerman correction boss welded on by ashfab. I have done 4 events with these knuckles. S15 lower arms with strengthening bracing and lock stop removal. New ball joints (Last October). I have done one event with the new ball joints. No...
  3. NICKO

    where to buy track rod ends and which ones?

    Im on the hunt for some track rod ends for my S15 and was wondering what people buy to replace the Originals? Ive contacted camskill and they have none in stock or any due to come in. Are the S14 ends the same as the S15? also what manufacturers would you recommend? Ive recently bought moog...
  4. dave_t

    S14/S15 Front & Rear Ball Joints - The Same Part No.?

    Right, i am currently gathering parts for a full chassis refresh, and want to replace both the front and rear ball joints. Now i have found the MOOG front ball joints,
  5. spoonman

    A real review of chinese made suspention arms

    I though i would post this feed back about the adjustable arms we put in our cars, thinking they are cheep crap and you get what you pay for and all that bla bla. 4 years ago i purchased camber and toe arms, for $180 a pair. Only now in the last month have the ball or rose joints started to...
  6. D

    FS: Cusco Adjustable Tension Rods

    These came off a very low miles S15, both rose joints are still tight. They have handy little covers to keep the dirt out of the rose joints :) £240 delivered form Japan at the moment. £85 for the pair including postage ono :) Half price compared to the Apex version :)
  7. S

    moog ball joints

    i got a dead front one so i think its time to stock up anybody know the cheapest place>?
  8. D

    parts fitment...

    i have a really annoying grinding scratching noise from the front end on my car.... it's def' suspension related. So... i've decided, after stripping down the pass' side front end, i can't work out what could be causing the noise.... So, result being, that i'm just gonna replace both the tie...