1. M

    Strange Interior Lighting Issue

    Alright, so on the factory dome light in the car (the one that has three settings, On, On when door is open, and off) the light obviously comes on when the door is open and the key is not in the ignition. It also comes on when you unlock the door. So I hardwired my Valentine One radar...
  2. Ajbulger

    Turn ignition and power cuts off and stays dead for 5 minutes

    Hey guys got a Clifford alarm and remote start system and its never missed a beat twice last week when Puting the key in to start the car all the electrics kill and takes 5 minutes to have a go this morning however it made a wearing sound then a pop and completely went any help?
  3. UncleDan

    Need replacement key

    Hey guys, I see keys online everywhere but I am afraid to buy one that wont fit or will get logged in the ignition/door. No one in the US will attempt to cut a key including locksmiths unless I provide one for them . Anyone have any reliable sources or have an extra uncut key. Also, looking to...
  4. N

    WTB: WTB: blank transponder key blank

    when I imported my car it only came with one key and I'm paranoid I'm going to lose it so I am looking for a spare key blank please let me know if you have one or know where I can find one, thanks!
  5. R

    Nismo Key

    Hey guys, My car came with one of these keys, but I'm a bit confused if it can be used to start the car. It has been cut and will open the doors (just like the original key) but will not turn in the ignition for some reason, which has me completely baffled. I'm assuming this key can't be...
  6. 5

    FS: Custom Titanium Ignition key (blank)

    wont fit s15 :)
  7. K

    WTB: s15 interior parts

    I'm looking for these S15 parts. I need it shipped to California USA. Let me know what you have thanks. -ignition switch with key, door lock cylinder and trunk PLEASE post pictures. Thanks
  8. J

    Resycing my key to stock ecu. Help desperately needed

    Hi, So we have taken the forged sr20det out me s15 and replaced it with a stock sr20det with a s15 ecu. It is not the originally ecu so I know the key will need syncing to the new ecu Anyone have any advice on how to do this? Only thing stopping me from having the car up and running...
  9. R

    Spare Keys

    I've coded many keys for VW and I know specialist software is needed, I'm hoping Nissan work differently. I currently have 1 Key and Fob which I'm using. I also have a Nismo Key from the previous owner and another fob, While the fob works I'm unsure the key would work if its cut? Would I still...
  10. O

    WTB: s15 boot lock and key

    Hi Guys I was after a boot lock and key for my S15, anyone know where i can get one or do i need to order from nissan? Thanks
  11. Z

    WTB: OEM Remote Key

    Hey folks, my key is broken and I can't find it on the web. The Nissan-Dealers in Germany don't want to help me. Do anybody know, where I can buy it? (I only need the plastic parts, the electric is working and I can use it in the new key.) Thanks.
  12. Luke

    Key cutting ? Alarm issues

    Hi guy i started my car the other morning when it was frosty and shut the door and they locked with the keys in and engine running it took me an hour to break into my own car :rolleyes: while it was snowing :mad: haha because i found the doors had locked but the locker pin next to the handle...
  13. J

    Re program Key fob S15 Spec S 99

    Guys, I think I can get my central locking system working. I just need to know how to re sync the key. Car is a jap import and does not have Nats. Cheers
  14. S

    Confusion! 200sx OR s15...

    Hi! Im pretty sure this is going to be the most common question ever - and with the site layout being naughty i cant find anything. Ive been looking for a spare key + factory central locking remote for my car... now i have called around a few places and they have all told me different...
  15. R

    S15 randomly loses all electrical power when driving. Im stumped!! :/

    hi guys, hoping for some help here. Will be driving along the motorway then all of a sudden car loses all power (engine doesnt stall it turns clean off, all dash lights go out). Once ive done an emergency stop, i take the key out and try to turn it on. No dash lights come on (but the radio and...
  16. B

    JDM S15 Spec S Key Reprogramming

    I just replaced the battery in my key as the distance it worked from had been reduced within half a foot of the door. Since I replaced the batter it is no longer working at all, I assume I have to go through some sequence to reprogram the key. Does anyone know the sequence for this? The car...
  17. B

    Hi, I just got an S15 spec-r A/T and I have a problem.

    I don't know how to park the car in neutral with an automatic as there is no shift-lock key slot so when parked I can't pull the lever from P to N, Any Ideas ? I'm from thailand . :wave:
  18. superK

    WTB: Ignition switch and matching lock set

    As above for s15, looking for a set working off the same key, Thanks
  19. Aurora61

    difficulty starting car after engine warms up

    After approx 30min of driving, my s15 has a really hard time starting. My car cranks when i turn the key, but the engine doesnt always start. Sometimes, the car will start while depressing the accelerator pedal, but most times will require a few tries. I suspect its temperature related...
  20. J

    still got a electrical problem :(

    hi, basically whenever i put my indicator on all the hazards flash and the alarm goes off. i also cant set the alarm or use the remote i have to lock and unlock the car wiht the key. plus i cant use the normal standard key with the black box think at the top. i have to use the plain metal key...