1. gaz15

    Spare key?

    Where does everyone get their spare blank keys from? Has anyone bought from this seller on ebay,
  2. R

    Spare Keys

    I've coded many keys for VW and I know specialist software is needed, I'm hoping Nissan work differently. I currently have 1 Key and Fob which I'm using. I also have a Nismo Key from the previous owner and another fob, While the fob works I'm unsure the key would work if its cut? Would I still...
  3. adzsy

    WTB: Various S15 Parts needed.

    I have just bought an auto S15 Spec S. Just getting it registered and then it will live in the garage for a few months whilst it gets the luxury of an RB25. There are some bits I need short term though. Anyone know if the S14 parts are interchangeable? Manual Pedal Box with brake and clutch...
  4. Curryzz

    Maybe I'm going mad

    Jut a quick one, my digital clock in the dash always stays on, does evrybodys do this I'm sure it used to go of when I remove the keys from the ignition? It's not illuminated as such like the lights are on it's just showing the time all the "time" lol, but I'm sure I would take the keys out and...
  5. Darren_S15


    I need to get a new key for my 15 but Im not sure what kind of key I need. Do we have any kind of chips or anything on our keys or can I just get a new fob and get it cut? Thanks, Darren
  6. E

    who has the gorgeous car outside marina mandarin today

    just got back from lunch and saw a really nice black s15 outside marina mandarin... anyone got the keys to go for a ride :) want my wife to understand the spec r experience :)
  7. D

    Nismo key's

    As title says.... Nismo Key.