1. T

    WTB: Standard gear knob

    Any one got a standard gear knob for sale? Hit me up!
  2. H

    WTB: S15 interior parts

    Hey, I'm looking for the following bits for an s15. Closer to Glasgow area the better, would prefer to pickup if possible S15 steering wheel S15 gear knob S15 gear gaiter S15 centre console S15 radio surround Left and right lower dash pieces
  3. dave_t

    FS: Vertex Monochrome Shift Knob - Custom M12X1.25 S15, R34 & Toyota Fitment -RARE/UNIQUE

    Vertex Monochrome Shift Knob - Custom M12X1.25 S15, R34 & Toyota Fitment -RARE/UNIQUE Item: Vertex Monochrome Shift Knob - Custom M12X1.25 S15, R34 & Toyota Fitment -RARE/UNIQUE Wanted one of these for my S15 for ages but as Vertex only do them with x3 different fitment inserts, of M8X1.25...
  4. H

    WTB: S15 gear knob

    as above
  5. F

    WTB: gear knob wanted

    Would prefer an good condition oem one but may consider other nice gearknob a , thanks
  6. dave_t

    FS: DND Performance Tall Race Shift Knob - S15/R34 6-Speed fitment - M12x1.25 - Black

    Item For Sale: DND Performance Tall Race Shift Knob, in R34/S15 6-Speed fitment - M12x1.25 - Black I purchased this awesome shift knob from DND Performance, USA in February last year but just never got round to fitting it. Now i have sold my S15, this is up for grabs. The tall design means...
  7. dave_t

    FS: Vertex 10 Star 330mm Steering Wheel & Vertex Shift Knob (M12X1.25 S15 / R34 fitment)

    Vertex 10 Star 330mm Steering Wheel & Vertex Shift Knob (M12X1.25 S15 / R34 fitment) Item for sale: Vertex 10 Star 330mm Steering Wheel & Vertex Shift Knob (S15 / R34 fitment) - Vertex 10 Star 330mm Steering Wheel - 90 MM Deep Dished Steering Wheel - Black Leather with Red Stitching -...
  8. W

    WTB: S15 Gear Knob & gaitor

  9. C

    WTB: A few standard parts required

    Hi all, I'm after the following parts for my newly acquired S15.. - Standard steering wheel (any condition, no airbag) - Standard or subtle aftermarket gear knob - 1x air vent Please drop me a PM if you can help. Thanks, Craig.
  10. shelb

    Gear knob Refurb (DIY)

    I got this gear knob free with a gear surround I bought, It was pretty shot but I hate seeing things go to waste so I thought I would do something with it. Forgot to take some pics but you get the idea lol
  11. gaz15

    WTB: Yashio Factory Spinner knob

    As above anyone got a new Yashio Factory Spinner knob (handbrake button)?
  12. JDM_virgin

    FS: OEM centre console- Radio and gear shift surround

    I will be shortly replacing my radio and gear shift surround with a carbone-fiberous one so the OEM part is surplus to my requirements. Ideal for replacing yours if its broken or just to have a play with colours or whatever. No idea what these are worth but i think £25 is reasonable? can post...
  13. dave_t

    WTB: S15 OEM Gear Knob Insert (Grey Plastic Lower Bit)

    I'm after a spare OEM Plastic Insert, the grey lower part of the oem knob, which is removable - pictured below. I know a lot of people change their oem knob and probably have it going spare :thumbs: Paint condition not important. PM me for quickest response -Thanks -David
  14. dave_t

    FS: S15 6-Speed Gear Knobs x3 (M12x1.25)

    Yoshibits S15/R34 6-Speed Gear Knob (M12x1.25) - Black Item: Yoshibits S15/R34 6-Speed Gear Knob (M12x1.25) - Black. Never used - Stored away and now i have sold my S15, so this is up for grabs. Pics: Yoshibits Library Pic: Price: Yoshibits Gear Knob - £20 Delivered (Buyer to...
  15. S15AK

    Gear know thread size?

    Spec S - Gear knob thread size? Hi Guys I'm ordering a new gear knob and I'm working away so I can't check myself. Can anyone confirm the thread size of the Spec S 5 speed gear knob thread please? I am pretty sure its 10x1.25 and the specR 6sp is 12x1.25 but just want to double check...
  16. D

    WTB: Want really bad S15 Spec R Gear Knob!

    Hi, guys new to this just bought an beautiful S15 which is being ruined by the awful metal gear knob! Really need the nice original back any advice or parts for sale would be great! :)
  17. Mike

    FS: Bride Low Max Vios 3, Yashio Factory knob, gator and slider button.

    Bought the seat of James LuPix with a Zeta but I'm only using the one so may aswell go to someone that is going to use it. (Currently in the loft so I'll get current pics tomorrow!) it has a black back and some scratches. £270 collected. Yashio factory knob, gaitor and slider button...
  18. Jordan

    WTB: Yashio factory spinner knob / drift button

    Anyone got one they no longer use I can purchase off them??? :P
  19. dave_t

    WTB: OEM Gear Knob (all i need is the collar/lower part)

    Well i have just received my special order Kazama 6 Speed Gear Knob (they only do 5speed fitment) and now i have fitted it, the gear gaiter doesnt reach the knob and looks quite messy. I intend to use the oem gearknob collar to fill the gap. So i will accept an oem knob in any condition. Pm me...
  20. B

    WTB: S15 oem gear knob

    Anyone got one in good condition